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Launchpad: Gallo

Gallo’s debut single ‘Sugar Daddy’ is a vibrant pop bop with effervescent vocals.

“With “Sugar Daddy” I wanted to write a sing along.  Lyrically it’s super playful and very tongue in cheek. 133 more words


Launchpad: The Big Move

It’s finally July!

As mentioned in my last post, these past couple of weeks I’ve been busy with the big move (and adjusting) to our new office building. 370 more words


Unlocking your Creative Identity

So it seems I enjoy blogging at 9:30 p.m. at night … no, not really but it seems the only time I have right now! However, in other news, this happened today … 643 more words


Launchpad: Patricia Stone

Toronto is quickly becoming a creative hub, especially for emerging hip-hop and R&B artists. Patricia Stone is continuing that trend with her debut single ‘Runner’. Smooth vocals ride on a swing of swirling synths and sharp snares, kicking through to a memorable chorus. 24 more words


Launchpad: Cara Hammond

Cara Hammond has just dropped her new single ‘No’. It’s a sublime piece of songwriting, executed perfectly through Cara’s shimmering vocals. The 20 year old UK-based songstress has seriously impressed us with her debut, with the accompanying visuals showing a commitment to high quality content. 71 more words


Launchpad: Cecilia Ebba

It’s a good day when we get to introduce a talented emerging artist’s full debut. ‘Sweet Summer Wine’ is a beautiful piece of folk mastery that showcases Ebba’s beguiling vocal. 100 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: A Tiva Shaped Like an Arduino

Texas Instruments’ Tiva C LaunchPad showcases TI’s ARM Cortex-M4F, a 32-bit, 80Mhz microcontroller based on the TM4C123GH6PM. The Tiva series of LaunchPads serve as TI’s equivalent of the Arduino Uno, and hovers at about the same price point, except with more processing power and a sane geometry for the GPIO pins. 161 more words