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30 Cool New Products from Amazon Launchpad | Small Biz Trends

If you happen to be browsing on Amazon’s site and you’ve wondered how many items are available from the online mega retailer, click right here. As of this posting, there were 366,874,689 items being offered for sale, which is quite daunting if you’re looking to introduce a new product and compete with the hundreds of millions out there. 78 more words

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Launchpad Untuk Anak Usia 10 Tahun

Postingan ini dibuat karena ternyata Launchpad sudah mewabah sampai anak usia praremaja, seperti anak gua, yang suka banget muter lagu-lagu yang dibuat dengan Launchpad sementara orangtuanya aja masih tergagap-gagap ngucapin kata ‘launchpad’ 723 more words


What´s new in Amazon?

Amazon has officially partnered with Kickstarter to bring 300 projects to the retailers crowd-funding portal, Launchpad.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Amazon Launchpad on creating a new path for those projects to be discovered, experienced, and loved,” … 130 more words


DIPP to Coordinate Amazon's Training Programme for Entrepreneurs

Ecommerce major Amazon will provide its “Launchpad” services to startups and train them in marketing products as part of government’s plan to bring its expertise to Indian startups. 201 more words


Launchpad Art Exhibition

A couple of photos from the Launchpad Art Exhibition on the 6th of June that I was featured in!

Was a really awesome experience and just thought I’d share how the exhibition looked and was set up and which artworks and limited editions I featured. 65 more words

New Dj Set – Technojunkies

DJ Set recorded Live (Traktor Pro2 + Launchpad + PreSonus + HD25)


Launchpad Set Up competition 

Novation are having a competition to win some pretty desirable audio production / live performance gear.

By clicking the link below, you can enter the competition too: