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Swedish Man Survives Two Months Inside Snow-Covered Car

A Swedish man pulled from a snowed-in car said he survived after being trapped for two months, the Guardian reports. Doctors believe he might have gone into a bear-like hibernation mode, allowing him to withstand sub-zero temperatures and sustain himself on just ice and snow. 313 more words


Man Emerges Alive After 20-Ton Boulder Drops on His Car

Ludovic Masciave somehow made it out alive after a 20-ton boulder fell on his car while driving through the French Alps.┬áThe 36-year-old sales manager has much to thank for: he’s expected to make a full recovery. 184 more words


Elderly Man Survives Five Days Stranded in Desert, Drinking Wiper Fluid to Stay Hydrated

They say people from the World War II generation are far tougher than any of us today. Henry Morello is proof of that. 231 more words