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Laundry by Ogawa Chise

Laundry by Ogawa Chise is a yaoi one-shot with the subtitle: “How Wonderful Dormitory Life Is!”



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Þvottur | Laundry

♦ Föstudagsmyndin: Ég hef áður hérna á blogginu dásamað hreint og tært loft, ferskan ilm af nýslegnu grasi, villijurtum og söltum sjó. Fyrir mér er það hin eina sanna sumarangan. 104 more words

Áslaug Jónsdóttir

Munich: days 14&15

And we got lost again…we have a tube station right outside our door but being the fitness fanatics that we aren’t we thought we would walk the 1.9km 26 min walk into the city centre, well this turned into about 4 km and 75 mins and we still hadn’t arrived, and I was wearing thongs ( because we weren’t walking far).I found the tube station and it happens we were only one stop from where we could have got on and only one stop from where we wanted to be. 305 more words

Whose Fault Is It?

A certain seven year old someone was slow to get up on this, his fifth day of second grade. When he finally managed to climb down from his bunk, he entered my room in just his underwear, whiny. 213 more words

Hal (The Baby)

Purification for Laundry!

THANKS AHHHHHH!! To Faith my DARLING wife, for having me here writing on YL oils that made a difference in my life!

This is a true story. 399 more words

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Door - a useful one!

Almost three weeks had gone by without seeing my son in and out of the house.  This felt odd and we, his parents, missed him.  He, in the meantime, was getting comfortable in his six-week program at a music school four hours away from home.   292 more words