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A Mom's Satisfaction (photo challenge)

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Nothing says satisfaction quite like starting that LAST load in the dryer…


With Aloha,


Satisfaction 18 more words


Enjoying Ironing with Niagara Spray Starch Plus

I did not have any expectations using the Niagara Spray Starch Plus.  I knew this spray would be great for ironing wrinkles out of clothes, but what happened, made me love and enjoy ironing more than ever. 253 more words


Thoroughly Modern Judy

I by-passed the joys of using a washboard and wringer washer, except for occasionally helping to pull some items through the wringer under Mom’s watchful supervision. 1,021 more words


Space Management

Because the amount of washing I am doing has increased significantly I am a bit obsessed about managing the whole laundry issue.

Whilst many of the laundry paraphernalia is pretty, and practical, I have chosen a fold-down storage box as the laundry basket.   20 more words


Make your own Laundry Stain Remover

easy to make Stain remover that works.

I came across this recipe in Grassroots magazine  however it is also on the Lectric Washing Soda website which is where the above photo is from,  along with other Laundry make your own recipes.  227 more words

Zero Waste

Lets talk laundry

We are a family of 5. Thats 5 laundry baskets. Plus 5 beds. Plus 4 sets of uniforms (they each have a fresh uniform each day) and 5 peoples worth of towels, EVERY WEEK. 98 more words