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End-o-Week In Sight

Yeppers – Friday approacheth!  This is our last chance before the last day of the week to get something constructive done so we can say “gosh this has been a busy week”.   351 more words

Life With Cats

Simple Things

Laundry on a clothesline makes me happy.

I’m not sure why. Maybe it triggers happy childhood moments? Maybe it reminds me of our Yelapa days, when we hung most of our laundry out to dry (including our personal clothes and linens for 8 guest houses)? 126 more words


Ain't nobody got time for that!

What I do not want this blog to be is a portrayal of a picture perfect farm family. We are far from that. We have our days where it feels like it is going to hell in a hand basket. 523 more words

Five Ways to Make Laundry Day Easier

No matter how much you love your Kenmore washer and dryer, laundry is still one of those tasks you try to slog through as quickly as possible so you can get to the really fun stuff. 20 more words

Six Tips to Refresh Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is an often overlooked space when it comes to design. Just because it’s a utilitarian space doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be visually appealing. 20 more words

The Nigel Phelps Show Episode 3 "Laundry Day"

In the third episode of The Nigel Phelps Show the blokes get some new threads and discover that Lettuce Wrap Larry has a dirty little secret.