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Downy Infusions: Why?

Just saw a commercial for a Downy product – touch activated long lasting scent fabric conditioner (Ultra Downy Infusions). This sounds like such a terrible idea to me. 413 more words

“All writers have this vague hope that the elves will come in the night and finish any stories.”

Winter is poking its head in the door. Last night was downright cold. This morning is warmer but is still chilly. The sun is shining but seems to serve little purpose except as scenery. 248 more words



After every trip, we do laundry. Specifically the bedding, towels and linen. Coming from the desert I did not realize that sand has a way of permeating nearly every space, cranny and nook our bedding had sand in it. 38 more words


EO's and Laundry - Aroma Outfitters

Learn how to use essential oils make your clothes cleaner and fresher without toxic or synthetic chemicals. It makes your hippy-mamma heart happy :)

Friday morning, cleaning or a movie?

Last night was good. It felt great to finally get something done, and it seemed like a good idea to follow up with another round. Can it work again? 295 more words


Alright.... I'm stuck.  Pt. 1

For a while there I felt like I was really making some progress. I was starting to actually have some hope for myself. I was starting to think there was something for me to become. 693 more words