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“Some days when  I go out, I think that maybe I’ll meet that person and finally have a world wind romance, but then stuff like this happens and I realize why I stay at home”                      — Crystal Palmer  (Awkward, SINGLE AND NOT ATTEMPTING TO MINGLE ) 648 more words


You don't want my solution

(scene opens in dim basement, outraged howling)

Me: (stepping over laundry baskets) What’s going on?
Beta: (dramatic) I don’t want to watch this!
Me: (looks to Gamma’s smug grin to Mother Goose Rhymes singing from TV) You’re not supposed to be watching, you’re supposed to be folding laundry. 114 more words

Poem 19

Imagine performing a household chore, then write a poem using what you imagined as an extended metaphor.

Swirling delight of colors and lie
spend all day here, but its never done… 43 more words


The basics of life
Things everyone has to do
Like my laundry


Want in one hand sheets in the other

As a child I was famously told want in one hand shit in the other see which fills up quicker.  Now I use this saying often with my own children, but as an adult I feel it should be changed to sheets. 331 more words

Zero Waste Laundry

A drying rack :

Mine is from Ikea. ( It is made of steel with a polyethylene coating which is hard to recycle. ) 617 more words

Zero Waste

Day off

Just one of those days. Laundry, shopping and cleaning.