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Grass Stain Tips...

Removing grass stains from clothes or fabric:

Grass stains will come out with prompt laundering and stain treatment.

Some techniques to remove grass stains include: 421 more words

The Great Laundry Mountain

You know what I’m talking about…

That ever-growing pile of laundry that you just can’t seem to finish. Maybe it’s dirty, maybe it’s clean…in my case, both. 226 more words

Parenting And Kids

Taking Care of Business

Have you ever had a to-do list piled a mile high?

Raise your hand with me cause I know you have.

I regularly feel like there are about a thousand things that need to get done. 766 more words



Mother told me,

Comforting wind billowing her skirts,

To always remember our past.

Laundry waving, white flags of surrender;

Taut rope enemies looming on the horizon; 32 more words


U is for Underwear

I learned this trick from a resourceful college roommate – if you have 30 pairs of underwear, you need only do your laundry once a month. 171 more words


Good and perfect gifts

We interrupt this load of laundry to bring you a special stone:

Such is life with kids.

My son burst in from the backyard as I sorted through the fabric sea that had become my laundry room. 497 more words