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Frugal AF: Laundry Hacks

A penny saved is a penny earned. Here’s some laundry hacks to save some dough.

  1. Unless you’re a huge clean freak, you probably don’t need to wash every article of clothing every time you wear it (other than your underwear).
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Door step Delivery

We deliver you belongings to your doorstep. We will come and pick your clothing from your doorstep. We return it nicely packaged in our free laundry bags. 9 more words


6 tips to tame your laundry + FREE printables

I don’t have to tell you how laundry breeds. I’ve battled with this for years. Honestly, I don’t have it fully under control, it does become monstrous from time to time. 843 more words


Snowmen sneezing and falling over, stabbing something 3000 times, Bekka Pate

I did laundry after a shower today. The Canucks played Nashville at 7 tonight, and lost 7-1. Ugh!

From Wesley: A snowman says, “I didn’t mean to sneeze” since his snowman friend fell over because of the sneeze’s force! 43 more words


Women's dirty laundry is big business in this country

You may have heard and seen videos of perverted men stealing women’s innerwear. Well, some opportunist women in Denmark saw this as a perfect idea to launch their online store. 96 more words

Ditch Dryer Sheets

They may smell nice and keep your clothes from turning into a giant ball of static, but dryer sheets are an environmental nuisance. They contribute to clogged lint filters, reducing dryer efficiency and running up your electric bill, and can also emit irritants such as acetaldehyde  and limonene  when heated. 132 more words

Shrink That Footprint

Wash Day!

Martin managed to get the washer and a dryer in working order last night, and thank the stars he did! I have a literal mountain of laundry to get done.  122 more words

Moving In