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A glimpse of my 2015 summer

Since it has been raining for a while now, this is perfect to reminisce this year’s summer. This has been the best summer I had. One of the highlights is that I was able to go out of town with my boyfriend for the first time. 253 more words


Preggy Travels: La Union

It was Holy Week when I’ve reached my second trimester. We had no plans then because my in-laws were going to Cagayan de Oro and we decided not to join them because they’d be doing all sorts of activities like whitewater rafting and zipline which of course I wouldn’t be allowed to do anyways. 417 more words

Travel Tales: La Union

If you’re looking for a short beach trip outside of the Metro, then La Union is definitely one of those places to visit. It’s extremely famous for being a great surf spot and I have to say, this is where I learned how to surf. 293 more words


Lazing in La Union

La Union was our next stopover after our day hike in Pinatubo—which I think was a perfect combo for a weekend getaway—because after you get all your muscles strained and all used up, you get to spend a day just lazily basking under the summer sun. 303 more words


San Juan, La Union

It was the start of summer and we needed a getaway to mark that.

My friends (Essa, Jonas, John, Matze) and I decided go to La Union (San Juan) and just chill. 122 more words


Flotsam and Jetsam

Who would have thought that “Flotsam and Jetsam” is an actual word? I thought it was just a gibberish syllables or combined first name of the owners. 445 more words


La Union: First of Summer

“Let’s go to the beach – each let’s get away.”

The Nicki Minaj song that goes on and on and on in my head. It’s like I’m going psycho if I ain’t gonna do anything about it. 653 more words