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STOKED ALONE: La Union 2016

Coast Call: A restobar in San Juan Surf Resort

Coast Call: Fries and Cookie Crumble Frappe

Sunset viewing

Urbiztondo: The surfing capital of the North… 746 more words


8 Affordable Accommodations in San Fernando, La Union

One of the main reasons why tourists visit La Union is because of the big fierce waves which make them choose hotels closer to the beach that are mainly located in San Juan (30-minute travel time from the city plaza). 462 more words

La Union Foodtrip

What if you guys go to a far place just to eat at some restaurants? Well this happened to me yesterday. My uncle told me that will be just going to a mall to buy his shoes, but then he told me that we’ll be going to a place very far. 533 more words

A piece of Santorini in the Pearl of the Orient.

Visiting Santorini, Greece is considered to be a luxurious adventure that’s why it is hard to achieve for most of us. Luckily, we have a Santorini-inspired resort facility situated at the North of Luzon. 737 more words


Surfing and Soul Searching: San Juan, La Union

They say traveling can mend a broken heart. I’ve witnessed quite a few painful breakups over the past couple of months, where people I care about deeply continue to have a very hard time. 712 more words


Activate Out of the Office & Ride the waves of Elyu

San Juan, La Union

Reason why I kept coming back to Elyu is the accessibility.  Just ride a bus bound to Ilocos region and get off right just at the shores of San Juan, La Union. 590 more words


Surfing Up North | La Union

A good way to celebrate successful major climb – (Bakun Trilogy ) is plunge your weary muscles to unleash vestiges from mountains. Not just an ordinary water activity like swimming in the beach or pool but make it even more trilling by doing surfing and add it up with light trekking to waterfalls. 998 more words