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Travel Tales: La Union

If you’re looking for a short beach trip outside of the Metro, then La Union is definitely one of those places to visit. It’s extremely famous for being a great surf spot and I have to say, this is where I learned how to surf. 293 more words


Lazing in La Union

La Union was our next stopover after our day hike in Pinatubo—which I think was a perfect combo for a weekend getaway—because after you get all your muscles strained and all used up, you get to spend a day just lazily basking under the summer sun. 303 more words


San Juan, La Union

It was the start of summer and we needed a getaway to mark that.

My friends (Essa, Jonas, John, Matze) and I decided go to La Union (San Juan) and just chill. 122 more words


Flotsam and Jetsam

Who would have thought that “Flotsam and Jetsam” is an actual word? I thought it was just a gibberish syllables or combined first name of the owners. 445 more words


La Union: First of Summer

“Let’s go to the beach – each let’s get away.”

The Nicki Minaj song that goes on and on and on in my head. It’s like I’m going psycho if I ain’t gonna do anything about it. 653 more words


ThunderBird Resot La Union

ThunderBird Resort

ThunderBird Beach Side   “Mostly people get married on this location”-TourismHeadOffice because of its stunning view and I think it’s a perfect for sunset. One of the most welcoming place here in my hometown. 26 more words


San Juan, La Union : Surfing Capital of Northern Philippines

According to the Philippine Department of Tourism, San Juan has become the surf capital of the North in the past 10 years. But before talking about surfing, let me feed your eyes with La Union’s romantic sunset. 428 more words