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It only gets easier

We’ve all done it: started a new project or picked up a new hobby or past-time and made grand plans to make it part of our lives, and yet a few weeks down the track it’s been abandoned like an old onion bagel. 728 more words


I think there's something in my third eye...

First full day in Ubud. It is as hot, noisy and entirely engulfing as you may have read, heard and/or seen. The beginning of this two week, entirely self-indulgent jaunt has been kicked off with a massive and bendy scooter ride through rice paddies and around villages. 497 more words


Villa Laura On

The territory of the voivodeship remained unchanged from 1314 until 1768, when Gniezno Voivodeship was carved out of its northern three counties. Its original area was 15,320 km2., but after 1768 it shrank to 7,810 km2. 256 more words


Monday Brights

You know what’s fun?  Really, really bright shoes.

Just look down at your feet and… instant mood boost!


Happy Monday you guys!  I thought this little color burst would be a fun way to start the day.   117 more words


Up and Out

Guys, today I have moving on my mind.


Actually, its been on my mind for a while now.  Between moving out of my college apartment this spring (Three years worth of impulse H&M purchases and junk mail people!), getting back to my parents house in Eastern North Carolina, and then packing it all up in my tiny car to head out to California, it has been a year of changes. 445 more words


Travel: Big Sur Road Trip

This weekend I traveled up the coast a few hours to Big Sur for a weekend of camping, hiking- and let’s be honest: s’mores eating.  Our trip included four tents, three (adorably color coordinated black and white) dogs, two nights of laughter and starry skies, and one fabulously successful proposal! 249 more words


I'm going to see the Smith Street Band next week

and I’m really looking forward to it! Yey.

if you’ve never heard of them before and would like to hear what they sound like here’s a preview: 9 more words