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Happiness in The Versions of Us

He stands for a moment before opening the studio door, looking down at the beach, flooded with a disorienting happiness; and he savours it, drinks it in, because he is old enough now to know happiness for what it is: brief and fleeting, not a state to strive for, to seek to live in, but to catch when it comes and to hold on to for as long as you can.

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'Porch Stories' makes viewers subtly aware of the power of perspective

Have you ever people-watched out of boredom or pure curiosity? I have. How about watching people’s patterns and how they interact from day to day? Perhaps not so much, but you’ve likely seen some familiar faces and noticed some patterns as you go about your day. 722 more words

In Theatres

Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women with Laura Barrett from Health Bay Polyclinic

Being pregnant can put a lot of strain on a woman’s back, often leading to pain. This pain can even continue after the birth of a child. 40 more words


Laura Barrett from Health Bay Polyclinic Explains Correct Body Posture

Even though our bodies are not designed to be sitting down for longer periods of time, in today world its something that can’t be avoided with many people sitting at work desks for extended amounts of time. 51 more words


One Man Band Festival Day 3 - Aaron Zimmer, Chris Velan, Laura Barrett

Our third and final night at One Man Band Festival took place entirely at one of my favourite small venues in Montreal, Le Divan Orange. A decent sized crowd had turned up to see the lineup that evening, and we quickly settled into a small table front and centre as Aaron Zimmer prepared for his set. 728 more words

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Advent of the 8th

They ate from the cereal box of Canadian Nature!

Laura & Martin during a lifetime of eating:
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Egyptian Mitten

art: Farewell Festive Fairytales

This Christmas has been filled with dreamlike restfulness. Most of my time has been spent either taking leisurely walks through wintry banks of cloud or lying with a warm mince pie in one hand and a fairytale book in the other. 178 more words