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A Sailor Girl's Beautiful White Wedding

If there is anything bizarre about 19-year-old Laura Dekker, it is the fact that she sailed solo around the world between August 2010 and January 2012. 170 more words


Traveling Life's Open Seas

There is this girl. In 2011, she set out to be the youngest person, ever, to sail around the world, alone. Her name is Laura Dekker. 563 more words


Bottom to Top: New Zealand by boat

I was in the North Island of New Zealand when Cyclone Pam was wreaking havoc across the Pacific last month. For days, the people from Vanuatu working in New Zealand didn’t know if their families were still alive or if they had homes to return to. 206 more words

Lia Ditton

K is for Ketch

No, not kvetch, no whining allowed on board this post. KETCH. A ketch is a sailboat type. It is a fore and aft rig (as opposed to the clipper ship square riggers) with two masts, a main and a mizzen. 367 more words

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C is for Circumnavigation

The literal definition of circumnavigation is a journey around the earth. According to John Vigor, a rule of thumb is that the route must encompass two points opposite each other on the surface of the globe. 696 more words

A To Z Challenge

Laura Dekker is my hero!

27,000 nautical miles around the world: Laura Dekker

27,000 miles around the US: Lisa McIntyre

A comparison, of sorts, between Laura and me. Of course she was 1/3 my age and on the water thousands of miles from land or another soul while I was on the roads dotted with safety nets. 242 more words

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I feel like I’m trapped.

Now, I’m not saying this in an intense, confessional way. But, let’s be honest. It’s February and the weather is bleak and dreary. 323 more words

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