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Berlin Gig Forecast | Laura Gibson + Matt Kivel

Who | Laura Gibson

When | Monday, May 2

Where | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin

For fans of: Marissa Nadler, Lisa Hannigan

Indie folk musician  281 more words

Laura Gibson - Empire Builder Album Review

At first listen you could not be blamed for pegging Empire Builder as a rather quaint, folky album with nothing more than one of two choice tracks. 61 more words


Barsuk Is Russian for Badger

David Bazan. Laura Gibson. Death Cab for Cutie. Nada Surf. Phantogram. Maps and Atlases.

What do these creators of some of my favorite music from the past five years have in common? 86 more words


Daily Dose: 'Not Harmless' by Laura Gibson

More New York, but this time, more folk. Also, clever folk with a good female singer is always a fantastic joy to find, so this is a winner straight away. 212 more words

Daily Dose

Empire Builder by Laura Gibson

You sweat profusely, jogging behind a moving train with luggage under both arms. You aren’t certain why the train merely slowed at your station without stopping, but you weren’t about to wait another week for the next one. 255 more words

Album "Reviews"

LAURA GIBSON - Empire Builder

Empire Builder
Label: Barsuk
Released: April 1, 2016

1. The Cause
2. Damn Sure

3. Not Harmless

4. Empire Builder

5. Five And Thirty… 63 more words

Empire Builder

"Empire Builder" by Laura Gibson Is A Slow, Scenic, Beautiful Dirge

She has four full-length LP’s to her credit already, and last Friday she released her fifth,¬†Empire Builder. She’s a fiction writer, this one, and these songs unfold with some drama, but it’s the subtle kind.

2016 Releases