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The TSL Power 50

The 50 most influential and most listened-to streaming talk show hosts.

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1 Michael Savage
2 Rush Limbaugh
3 Laura Ingraham
4 Mark Levin… 258 more words

Michael Savage

I Am Not A Traitor to My Gender

“And this is the bimbo that’s asking presidential questions?”

Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, used this caption when he retweeted pictures from Fox News host, Megyn Kelly’s, GQ photo-shoot. 671 more words


Caucus insights from the 15th precinct

By Tom Quiner

My caucus was packed.

Hundreds of Republicans packed into what used to be the old cafeteria of my junior high school.

Nearly a half a century ago, I lunched with my chums in this room sweating over an upcoming test or talking about the pretty girls sitting across the room. 566 more words



Last week, at one of his campaign rallies, Trump made the bold prediction that if he stood in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York, and randomly shot someone dead in the street, there would still be no diminishment of support among his followers. 804 more words

I wake up at Twilight

“Freaked out, I wake up at a Word of the Day from Dictionary.com – matutinal – Relating to or occurring in the morning, ‘it’s – 75 more words


[VIDEO] THE PANTSUIT REPORT: Hillary Two Hours Late to Rally, Audience Groans 

Members of an audience waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton in Oklahoma Friday audibly groaned when it was revealed the Democratic presidential candidate would be late for the event… 6 more words


Francis Wilkinson: Republicans are decentralizing themselves into oblivion

If you are a Republican, decentralization of power is a cornerstone of your party and political philosophy. After all, Republican demonization of Washington and the federal government stems in part from a belief that government is too large and power too centralized. 722 more words

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