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Want to Fight Back Against Trump? Boycott Fox News.

Many conservatives have begun to feel despondent about the prospects of keeping Donald Trump from the Republican nomination. After his huge win in NY, Trump looks all set to secure enough delegates – either by reaching 1237, or being close enough – to dissuade disgusted Republicans that anything else is achievable. 566 more words

Making News: On Laura Ingraham's Nationally Syndicated Radio Show this AM

I’m pleased to announce that I’m scheduled to appear this morning on the nationally syndicated Laura Ingraham Show to talk about U.S.-China trade relations and the presidential campaign.   38 more words

Making News

The TSL Top 25 Streaming Talk Shows

First Quarter 2016

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1 Michael Savage 27.0
2 Rush Limbaugh 15.6
3 Laura Ingraham 6.9
4 Mark Levin 5.7
5 Glenn Beck 4.7… 230 more words

Top 25 Talk Radio

"Laura Ingraham Parrots Trump: "Nobody Has A Right To Be Here Except The People Who Are Born Here"


“LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Donald Trump this morning was on Fox News talking about what the responsibilities of the US government is today with keeping the border secure, locking it down. 81 more words


Romney is not a Republican Leader and Should Shut Up

This conspiracy to derail Donald Trump is totally ridiculous. I didn’t see this kind of outrage when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, and she had half of the intellect of Trump. 518 more words

What separates parts of the GOP from democrats?

I don’t like Laura Ingraham very much, but she wrote a piece recently about the GOP and Trump that has some real insight, and perhaps even some common ground. 597 more words

How I See The World

The Suicide of the GOP Establishment

Here is something to think about as we approach Super Tuesday.

If Marco Rubio becomes president, we can expect:

1.) That he will work with Democrats and the GOP leadership in Congress to pass something that looks like the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

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