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LAURA STEVENSON - " Jellyfish "

From the Laura Stevenson record “Cocksure” which came out late October on Don Giovanni Records. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a jellyfish is their sting. 436 more words


LAURA STEVENSON - " Torch Song "

Laura Stevenson’s “Torch Song is just that, and now it’s got a similarly rousing video to go along with it. Stevenson and her merry band of glittery and colorful teens make their way into an empty high school and transform a hapless teacher and a bored janitor into shining ’80s stars, giving them a makeover and coupling worthy of any coming-of-age movie. 19 more words


Holding My Heart Together with Twine and Super Glue: A Review of Laura Stevenson’s newest album Cocksure

Having heard as much Laura Stevenson as I could have possibly found with only the Internet and my own mediocre brain guiding me, I have gone through every emotional phase that a musician such as Laura can ensue. 861 more words


on tour: Matt Pond PA with Laura Stevenson

Fantastic indie double-bill!

Now New York-based, Matt Pond PA formed in 1988 in Pennsylvania by Matt Pond and has featured various musicians and collaborators through the years. 302 more words


Laura Stevenson - Jellyfish

Brand new audio from Laura Stevenson.  This track will be featured on Laura‘s new album, Cocksure, out on Don Giovanni Records October 30th.

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Hey friend! I hope you’re looking for some great tunes today, because I’ve got you coveredHere’s the highlights in music released this past week, plus some other tunes I discovered recently. 403 more words


Riot Fest Chicago 2014: Five Lesser-Known Bands to Check Out

One look at the headliners for Chicago’s Riot Fest confirms what everyone has quietly suspected for some time: the 1990s are back, and they seem to have dragged the ‘80s out of the cupboard with them. 753 more words

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