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My First Disappointment Of 2016

Well almost three weeks into to 2016 and I have already been disappointed once. I know it’s not shaping up to be a good one. I am a bookish person. 399 more words


January Reads: Mini-reviews

It’s been a glorious book month already – 2016 is treating me well, story-wise. After a fast start, I picked up Hamilton to re-read (as I blazed through the cast recording) and got bogged down a bit. 988 more words


Short Story of the day - Day 6

Laura van den Berg’s “Volcano House”

Day Six

“…she cannot retrace her own steps out of the chaos of her life. Trying to explain a specific mistake and her more general loneliness, she offers, ‘The best I could do was this: I left and when I returned, I found it was not possible to go back.'” – Rebecca Markovits and Adeena Reitberger, Editor’s Note… 97 more words

Short Story

Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, Ecember 7, 2015


The Kansas sky is a carpet of stars, so clear you can see the full sweep–well, of our arm, anyway–of the Milky Way, as we could along much of the East Coast when I was a child. 271 more words


Marie-Helene Bertino & Laura van den Berg at Community Bookstore

To celebrate the paperback release of her first novel, Marie-Helene Bertino asked Laura van den Berg to join her at the adorable Community Bookstore in Park Slope for an evening of reading and conversation. 998 more words


Three Blurbs for Miraculous Fauna (coming in 2016 from Underground Voices) Just Came In

“Miraculous Fauna is nothing less than a miracle of a novel: beautifully strange and richly moving. Timmy Reed continues to create worlds that I long to get lost in, and this novel is no exception. 134 more words