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FIND ME by Laura van den Berg

I heard one person call this book, “an acid trip without the acid.” To her, apparently, this was a bad thing. Find Me is the trippy, turbulent story of Joy, a nineteen year old girl with no family and no direction in life. 726 more words


Interview with Laura van den Berg

As The Plot Thins (ATPT):When you approached writing this story, was it always in a post-apocalyptic setting?

Laura van den Berg (LvdB): Yes— the sickness that sweeps the country was a part of… 681 more words


Find Me by Laura van den Berg

Post-apocalyptic books are something of a fad right now. The Hunger Games is easily one of the most popular and recognizable post-apocalyptic stories, both in it’s book and movie form. 566 more words


Laura van den Berg on the complex writing process behind FIND ME


Laura van den Berg’s first novel (after two acclaimed short story collections), Find Me, will be published on February 17. It is one of the “buzz books” of early 2015 and has already received rave reviews from several key publications; van den Berg was interviewed about the book on NPR’s Weekend Edition with Scott Simon on February 14. 959 more words

Book Reviews

Find Me, by Laura van den Berg (Reviewed by Mike Tager)

Find Me

Laura van den Berg

Farrar, Straus and Giroux

288 pp.

$26.00 hardback

ISBN: 0374154716

What happens when the world changes? What happens when it dents – but doesn’t break – and comes to resemble your inner world? 418 more words