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Marie-Helene Bertino & Laura van den Berg at Community Bookstore

To celebrate the paperback release of her first novel, Marie-Helene Bertino asked Laura van den Berg to join her at the adorable Community Bookstore in Park Slope for an evening of reading and conversation. 998 more words


Three Blurbs for Miraculous Fauna (coming in 2016 from Underground Voices) Just Came In

“Miraculous Fauna is nothing less than a miracle of a novel: beautifully strange and richly moving. Timmy Reed continues to create worlds that I long to get lost in, and this novel is no exception. 134 more words

Indiana Review #IRFictionPrize

The Indiana Review offered up an #IRFictionPrize twitter contest, asking writers to provide a title for this short:

“You were stranded on a desert island with a copy of IR and a newborn piglet.

58 more words

PROBE INTO MEMORY: Find Me by Laura van den Berg

Find Me by Laura van den Berg
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, February 2015

“The sickness” hits the Unites States leaving its victims covered in silvery scabs, bereft of their memories, and fated with an unavoidable death. 326 more words


Write With Me! Study Hall, Monday, September 27, 2015

Hi, All! So sorry about last week’s missing study hall link. My early morning Social Security meeting became a nearly all-day affair, in which I was prohibited from linking to the Internet. 181 more words


Find Me

A Novel

Laura van den Berg

Find Me has a psychological depth and a desolate, noirish gravity. The whole shimmering novel hangs together and propels the reader forward with its unusual brand of dream logic . 321 more words


Lacking Joy: Pandemic and Abandonment in Laura van den Berg’s Find Me

If Lewis Carroll’s Alice was plucked from Wonderland and deposited into a post-pandemic, near future America, then you would have the story of Joy Jones in… 338 more words