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"Logan" officially rated R

The upcoming threequel and final Wolverine film, “Logan”, has officially been rated R according to director James Mangold. 106 more words



By Laura

I hate pink or I used too. I referenced last week I’m not a girlie girl, which to me includes a baptism of pink. 383 more words

Good Conversation

Szellemi szédület

“Mert Isten szeretetétől semmi, de semmi nem tud minket elválasztani- ebben egészen biztos vagyok!” Róma 8:38-39 EFO.

Néha úgy érezzük, hogy minden a helyén van. Isten jelenléte egyértelmű az életünkben, senki és semmi nem szakíthat ki a kezei közül. 707 more words


Welcome to L~Ways Space!

I have created this site specifically for several different reasons, but for one purpose, a place to showcase ones creativity. Whether that be in the form of words or in images. 64 more words


So what do I want to say?

It’s been a little over a year since my last post.

I’m out now. No longer Nina, nor do I think I’m Audrey, but now I am Laura.  544 more words



Dreams, dreams. Dreams of you and me.

Wilder Wednesday: Drinking from the Saucer

Eliza Jane was more bossy than ever. She said Almanzo’s boots made too much noise. She even told Mother that she was mortified because Father drank tea from his saucer. 867 more words