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Cronkhill and Town Walls Tower update

Cronkhill and Town Walls Tower are two small properties opened by the Attingham house team a few times per year. They have limited openings because they are tenanted but they are both little gems with a fascinating history and well worth visiting. 786 more words



Laura’s father phone the very same time I arrive home. It’s unusual but not out of the blue. I’m pretty sure what he’s going to tell me, and, as much as I hesitaste to pick it up, I also know that this call is going to be a major turning point in my life, so it’s not like I have any option but to answer. 343 more words


Kahlua and Milk

In Goondiwindi, in the Gunsynd Lounge, my cousin Nadine orders a Kahlua and milk.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” I tell the barman.

“Hah! You’re a bad woman at heart,” says my cousin. 777 more words

Laura's Notebook: Where are they now?

9 months later … where are they now?

I measured four of my Olympia oyster seed batches from the 2017 experiment. This is seed I produced from broodstock that were exposed to two pH treatments (7.3, 7.8) prior to reproductive conditioning (check out… 108 more words



I just loooooove it. i love it sooooo  much its beautiful its stunning i love the color scheme and its for sure a neutrals palette. I think if you feel as if you can live without it and its something just neutral and doesn’t catch the eye its understandable because it is very simple. 79 more words

Laura Lee LA

I feel like soooooo many people will find some way to knit pick at beauty bloggers who do collabs with big brands or who even make there own line of makeup for the simple fact that they just don’t wanna admit that’s some good shit. 237 more words

All-New Wolverine #33: Old Woman Laura Part One-Review

All-New Wolverine #33

Written by Tom Taylor
Illustrated by Ramon Rosanas
Colors by Nolan Woodard
Lettered by VC’s Cory Petit

As All-New Wolverine comes to a close, readers get to take a trip to the not so distant future where the heroes have won and now just keep the peace.   393 more words