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You don't know everything, Jilly P!(chapter book)

Author: Alex Gino

Year Published: 2018

Grade Range: 4th- 8th

This realistic fiction book follows a white 7th grade girl named, Jilly P.  Jilly’s  normal life is changed when her baby sister, Emma, is born with a disability, deafness. 311 more words


Logan for those who do not know is a part of the X-men series and also known as Wolverine. The metal clawed badass is typically known for not giving a shit and having reckless tendencies. 597 more words

Torino Theatre

Family members scattered across the globe. Photos from here, from there. This one from Torino in northern Italy. Anglophones may know this as ‘Turin’ – the capital city of Piedmont in northern Italy, known for its refined architecture and cuisine. 21 more words


Day Nine of Noirvember: Quote of the Day

“Young woman, either you have been raised in some incredibly rustic community, where good manners are unknown, or you suffer from the common feminine delusion that the mere fact of being a woman exempts you from the rules of civilized conduct. 16 more words

The Language Of Noir

Shanghai Hangings

Laura D –  La Capra Ballerina who travels the world of puppetry was recently in Shanghai and discovered this pair flying above the street. We suspect they are simply  drying, and hope the owner remembers them. 9 more words


And Then There Was Laura on a Hot Tin Roof

I thought of that title when we were mapping out our movie viewing for the day, and Steven insisted that I use it.  I started out just wanting to watch an Agatha Christie adaptation.  277 more words