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Favorite Comedies: The 30's

The 1930’s brought sound movies to the forefront. Along with it came the fast talking world of screwball comedies, the best of the Marx Brothers and much more. 443 more words

I have a Laurel & Hardy podcast, y'all!

I have been a Laurel & Hardy enthusiast since I was a kid, and I finally decided to share my passion in a podcast. Below is a link to the first episode of my very first podcast,  24 more words

Laurel and Hardy: The Hoose Gow

The Hoose-gow is 1929 short film starring Laurel and Hardy. Directed by James Parrott and produced by Hal Roach.


Silent Comedy: Where Do I Start?

At both my recent talks I’ve been approached by curious audience members in their 20s and 30s coming up to me and asking which movies they should watch now I’ve made them aware of the brilliance of silent comedy. 478 more words


Perhaps as Good as it Gets: Laurel and Hardy in "Towed in a Hole" (1932).

Those of us who love Stan and Ollie find it hard to identify whatever might be their very very best work. As we revisit a range of films, we’re constantly spotting new details to surprise and delight us.  1,234 more words

(Whispering) Whoopee! Charley Chase talkies on DVD

Charley Chase has gone from being an under-represented figure  on home video releases to having much of his classic work out there in superior quality. Thanks to DVD releases from Kino, AllDay Entertainment and Milestone films, a majority of his existing silent work can now be widely seen. 966 more words