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Battle of the Century (1927). The Pie Fight is sublimely vindicated.

We’re still missing a middle bit.  We have the opening boxing match, between Stan and Noah Young who had already played Big Scary Guy in… 577 more words

"Putting Pants on Philip". Laurel and Hardy and "Coming to America".

The athletic young Stan Laurel had, in his comic arsenal, a peculiar scissor-shaped leap in the air, used to denote a state of high excitement and/or fear.   679 more words

Indiana Jones - why don't you try to find "Hats Off" - the lost Laurel and Hardy film?

Hats Off has been described (by Randy Skretvedt) as the “Holy Grail” of lost Laurel and Hardy movies.   I’d like to reverse this comparison if I may.   320 more words

Call of the Cuckoo (1927). Laurel and Hardy are bit players again. And their hair hasn't grown back yet.

Imagine living next door to Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson and Charley Chase? Sounds fun eh?  Or sounds initially like fun before becoming unbelievably annoying, so relentlessly  annoying it makes you want to lose the will to live or at least move to a different hemisphere. 538 more words

Laurel and Hardy in "The Second Hundred Years" (1927). It begins

And finally they’re off.  This is the first Laurel and Hardy movie in a continuous sequence of Laurel and Hardy movies.  From now on – they are together.   584 more words

The moving window

I go to the Laurel and Hardy page on Facebook (I am a fan of Stan and Ollie), and, amidst all the clips and pictures and snippets of information that only diehard fans such as myself would be interested in, there’s that perennial complaint: “Why don’t they show Laurel and Hardy films on television any more?” I may point out that we fans have these films on DVD anyway; but I stay quiet, because I know what the answers would be. 1,149 more words


Flying Elephants: Laurel and Hardy were never faster or crazier?

Here is silent comedy at its most surreal.  Flying Elephants offers a Flintstones version of the Stone Age in which a King Ferdinand has ordained that all males between 13 and 99 have to get married within the next 24 hours or face death.   614 more words