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Pie times at Pordenone: The Battle of the Century to screen at Giornate del Cinema Muto

Following the rediscovery in June of the missing reel of Laurel and Hardy’s classic comedy short, featuring the pie-fight to end all pie-fights, I can bring you even more good news. 504 more words


Laurel & Hardy in SLIPPING WIVES (1927) - Hal Roach Presents Priscilla Dean

Ironically, Duck Soup, the first movie that showed Laurel & Hardy as a bonafide team, was followed by Slipping Wives, another one of those Pathe alternate-universe numbers. 475 more words


Laurel & Hardy in 45 MINUTES FROM HOLLYWOOD (1926) - Together at the Hal Roach Studios, but still not quite together

45 Minutes from Hollywood is a cute little comedy, but in retrospect, it’s even more alien to Laurel & Hardy-style comedy than the usual Hal Roach/Pathe movies where Stan and Ollie appear in the movie but not together. 385 more words

Silent Movie

Laurel & Hardy in COME CLEAN (1931) - Kind of a drawn-out dirty joke

In Come Clean, Ollie tells Stan to divert their wives by telling them a joke. The camera later cuts to Stan giving the punchline — “…and the farmer shot the traveling salesman!” — and the wives’ outrage at the blue humor. 304 more words


Laurel & Hardy in BUSY BODIES (1933) - A factory full of laughs

Laurel & Hardy’s track record in “talkie” shorts isn’t as consistent as in their silent films, but Busy Bodies surely tops the list of their best-ever comedies. 271 more words


"Nothing but pie-throwing"

The best thing in Sunday’s New York Times was this article:

“The greatest comic film ever made — because it brought the pie-throwing to apotheosis,” the novelist…

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Three To See With Your Little Eye (2015)

1. Pie crust.
2. Pie filling.
3. 1000’s of pie in the face.
A gem found lately-

Featuring Laurel and Hardy.