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Rich people are different... Laurel and Hardy in "Wrong Again".

No Thomas Gainsborough masterpieces were harmed in the making of this picture.

Stan and Ollie are stable-hands who overhear two separate bits of news and who join them together logically but erroneously.   910 more words

Laurel and Hardy nearly plummeting to their deaths, over and over again. Liberty (1929)

This is a short film of two halves.  The first half offers trouser comedy, the second vertigo comedy.  We move from the familiar nightmare of being exposed in partially dressed in public, to the familiar nightmare of endless falling. 700 more words

Five and Dime

Director: Bill Nolan
Release Date: September 18, 1933
Stars: Oswald, Honey
Rating: ★★★★★

‘Five and Dime’ is a cartoon devoted to the 1931 hit song ‘ I Found A Million Dollar Baby’. 236 more words

Black And White Films

Laurel and Hardy: from Ulverston to Hollywood

This is a guest post for Silent London by Katie Wright.

A pair of comics shuffle onstage at the Palace Theatre in Blackpool, England in June 1947. 892 more words

Silent Film

Laurel and Hardy: The Music Box

Laurel And Hardy – The Music Box (1932)

Oscar-Winning Comedy Short.

Eddie Deezen: “The Music Box: Laurel and Hardy’s Oscar-Winning Short” (Neatorama)

In the minds of countless millions of moviegoers the world over, certain celluloid images are indelible. 45 more words


They, the profane muses,
Laurel and Hardy at a voodoo head-shop,
serve as pillared repositories
for the lasting remains
of mortal disquiet.
John Biscello

Secrets and Lies. Laurel and Hardy in "We Faw Down" (1928).

This is one of those marital comedies.  Marital exposure rather than economic ruin is the looming threat throughout.   Stan and Ollie are seemingly affluent middle class types who live in justified terror of their wives and are racking their meagre brains to find a way of sneaking out to a poker game. 871 more words