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Laurel & Hardy in FROM SOUP TO NUTS (1928) - Long live Anita Garvin!

If anyone doubts Laurel & Hardy vet Anita Garvin’s place in film-comedy immortality, witness her comedic contributions to L&H’s From Soup to Nuts, in which she develops an entire routine out of a tiara and a maraschino cherry. 245 more words


Matinee Monday: Laurel and Hardy

There are many great comics and comedians from the Classic Era of cinema, and many great comedy teams, but the best team of all, the… 290 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THAT'S MY WIFE (1929) - Hold on to your wig

That’s My Wife is one of those films that truly puts Laurel & Hardy’s characterizations to the test. Decades of stale sitcoms have long worn thin the man-masquerading-as-a-woman-for-trite-reasons comedy cliche. 259 more words


Laurel & Hardy in BRATS (1930) - Boys will be boys, even when they're adults

In the canon of Laurel & Hardy dual-role movies, Brats falls about midway between the highbrow hi-jinks of Our Relations and the nails-on-a-blackboard gratiness of Twice Two – nothing profound, but it goes down easy enough. 318 more words


How Laurel & Hardy Filmed Perfect Day - New Discoveries

Built in 1925, this charming bungalow at 3120 Vera Avenue near Culver City appearing in the 1929 comedy Perfect Day is one of the most popular and easily recognizable of all Laurel & Hardy film locations. 912 more words

Silent Movie Locations

Painting the Kitchen

There are some things in life that you don’t retire from. A few years ago we did the living room, and hallways and bedrooms. I remember thinking, actually promising myself, that I would not be painting this house again. 277 more words


Ukelele Joy!

I got a ukelele for christmas! Look out! It’s really been the best. I started off absolutely rubbish, unable to strum to any rythm, form chords, sing whilst I play or even hold it (it kept getting stuck under my boob.) 144 more words