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These boots aren't made for walking. Laurel and Hardy in "Be Big" (1931).

The plot of this three reeler would be retailored to provide the core of Sons of the Desert, my favourite full-length Laurel and Hardy feature.  1,090 more words

Oliver the Eighth (1934) - Saturday's Short Spotlight

Laurel and Hardy made quite a few short films that dealt with macabre subjects, but always in a comedic manner. Every Saturday in October, I will be reviewing one of these comedy classics. 582 more words


The most famous misquoted catchphrase of them all... Laurel and Hardy in "Another Fine Mess" (1930).

The real phrase habitually used by Ollie when addressing Stan is of course “another NICE mess”, but the phrase is regularly misquoted perhaps in recognition of this film title.  1,171 more words

Oh the Grimacing Butler! The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case (1930).

“Think of the most ludicrous over the top way of overplaying a cartoon version of the stereotype you’re playing.  Then take it up a notch.  A bit higher. 890 more words

What Price Decent Reception? Laurel and Hardy in "Hog Wild" (1930)

Most people would have cut their losses after the chimney stack and much of the roof had been destroyed.  Most people would have regarded the structural integrity of their primary residence of greater account than better radio reception.  946 more words

EFC II #188 - Sons of the Desert (1933)

The Epic Film Challenge II
#188 – Sons of the Desert (1933)
Dir. William A. Seiter
Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Mae Busch, Dorothy Christy… 75 more words

Epic Film Challenge