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Love 'Em and Weep. Still not a Laurel and Hardy film, but say hello to James Finlayson and Mae Busch

It’s 1927 and astonishingly, we think to ourselves (with the benefit of decades of smug hindsight), the Hal Roach studio still hasn’t figured out that Stan and Ollie belong together.   442 more words

Another fine mess of a birthday...Oliver Hardy.

One half of the iconic comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. Oliver Hardy was born, in Georgia on this date.

Here is a clip of him singing two songs…..Lazy Moon and Shine on Harvest Moon


Rob & Rob: Comedy Corner

January Edition 2017

Comedy Pick of the Month

Hi all, I am Rob Medaska, and I am Rob Medaska.  This year we thought we would try something different; we will be previewing our top Comedy pick each month for the upcoming year.  347 more words

Laurel And Hardy

Slipping Wives (1927). And yes, I am going to blog a review of every single Laurel and Hardy movie. I genuinely think it's a good use of my time.

This is really a Stan Laurel vehicle, though top billing is given to Priscilla Dean.  Oliver Hardy is almost unrecognisable as a snooty butler.

Priscilla Dean was a well known star of the silent screen, someone whose achievements have never really translated to subsequent generations.   390 more words

Duck Soup. The Laurel and Hardy film. The first Laurel and Hardy film. Arguably.

There are other contenders.  But here in Duck Soup (1927), Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are teamed up as co-stars for the duration of the two reels. 378 more words

45 Minutes from Hollywood. Some Context for Laurel and Hardy

This one is not a Laurel and Hardy movie.  The image that you see is a juxtaposition of two separate frames from different scenes.  Stan and Ollie do not appear together in the film – it’s just a film that these two actors happened to appear in.   503 more words

The Lucky Dog. Laurel and Hardy first meet on film.

This is not a Laurel and Hardy movie.  “Laurel and Hardy” do not yet exist.  This is a Stan Laurel movie starring a character who is not “Stan Laurel” in which an actor called Oliver Hardy who is not “Oliver Hardy” plays a supporting role. 429 more words