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Oops, Wrong House!

Laurel and Hardy wrecked Jimmy Finlayson’s house in “Big Business”

A contractor in Fort Worth spent three days gutting a house, only to discover, after they’d finished, that it was the wrong one ( … 155 more words


Laurel and Hardy in "Sailors Beware" ! (1927) the world's first Eisenstein parody?

This is a busy little film, packed with ideas and never dull.

It is still not a Laurel and Hardy film but a Stan Laurel film with Oliver Hardy in an important supporting role.   467 more words

Memory Lane: Windshield Wipers

Remember when you could just go into any auto parts store and buy windshield wiper blades when you needed them, and put them on yourself in a matter of minutes? 119 more words


With Love and Hisses (1927). Laurel, Hardy, and the Archaeology of Kickdownism.

Much is happening in these twenty minutes.  It’s not yet a Laurel and Hardy film, but it is a film where Stan and Oliver share a lot of business together.   521 more words

Why Girls Love Sailors. (1927)

This title (without a question mark) does not answer its implied question.

In the meantime, it is clear that the sea does strange things to a man.   645 more words

Ripping Yarn

There is something definitely satisfying about the sound of tearing fabric. Either the slow, gradual rippppppp, or the swift, rapid tear, both paint an definitive image in the mind. 3,743 more words


Pump it up, when you don't really need it, Pump it up, until you can feel it

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Ballyfermot Writers Group (adults)

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From 6.30 p.m. – 7.45 p.m. 91 more words

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