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The Stolen Jools. All of 1931 Hollywood in 2 Reels. Part of why Laurel and Hardy is great.

The only reason why anyone would find themselves watching The Stolen Jools (1931) is if, like me, they are a Laurel and Hardy completist and want to ensure that no precious moments of Stan and Ollie screen time are allowed to go unseen.   475 more words

#32 Sons of the Desert

Watched: September 3 2016

Director: William A. Seiter

Starring: Stanley Laurel, Oliver Hardy

Year: 1933

Runtime: 1h 8min


We have to be honest here, and say that this is not our favourite from… 364 more words


A Pair of Aces: Laurel & Hardy in SONS OF THE DESERT (MGM 1933)

Laurel and Hardy are still beloved by film fans today for their marvelous contributions to movie comedy. Rooted firmly in the knockabout visual style of the silent screen, the team adapted to talking pictures with ease, and won the Best Short Subject Oscar for 1932’s THE MUSIC BOX. 850 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THE LIVE GHOST (1934) - Seamy seaside comedy

Detractors of Laurel & Hardy’s later Twentieth Century-Fox features are quick to emphasize the morbidity in the storyline of A-Haunting We Will Go (1942). For my money, that movie has nothing on L&H’s short subject The Live Ghost. 229 more words

Laurel & Hardy in GOING BYE-BYE! (1934) - Killer comedy

Going Bye-Bye! starts off well for Stan and Ollie, as their evidence has helped to put a vicious criminal behind bars. However, as the killer is Walter Long (here known as “Butch”), this auspicious beginning can’t possibly last. 190 more words

TWICE TWO (1933) - Too much Laurel & Hardy?

The gimmick in Twice Two — and a very gimmicky gimmick it is — is that Laurel & Hardy play not only Stan and Ollie, but also their own sisters, each of whom is married to the other’s friend. 228 more words

BEAU HUNKS (1931) - A Laurel & Hardy featurette

There’s almost no reason Beau Hunks should be as funny as it is. It’s four reels long (twice as long as the standard Laurel & Hardy short), a length L&H never attempted again until the initial version of… 242 more words