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Laurel & Hardy in THE FIXER UPPERS (1935) - Another nice mess # 2,912

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound)

It’s inevitably the more looked-down-upon Laurel & Hardy shorts that yield the nicest surprises. “A fairly pedestrian little picture,” sniffs Randy Skretvedt¬†about The Fixer Uppers in his book on the team. 565 more words


TWICE TWO (1933) - Two Laurels and Hardys, but not twice the fun

The gimmick in Twice Two — and a very gimmicky gimmick it is — is that Laurel & Hardy play not only Stan and Ollie, but also their own sisters, each of whom is married to the other’s friend. 227 more words


Laurel & Hardy in THE FINISHING TOUCH (1928) - Comedy carpentry

Anyone who saw Laurel & Hardy’s Big Business in 1929 wouldn’t have been surprised at how adeptly L&H could denude a house. In The Finishing Touch (1928), they try to build a house and can hardly even get it started. 173 more words

Laurel & Hardy

Being Stan Laurel

Monday 23 February 2015

Today was a pretty special day – these jobs don’t come along that often…

In 1932, Laurel and Hardy toured the UK, and one of the places they came to was The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth.  465 more words


WRONG AGAIN (1929) - Laurel & Hardy bet on the wrong horse

According to director Leo McCarey, Wrong Again was inspired when McCarey was at a visit to his dentist’s office and saw a copy of the famous Blue Boy painting while sitting in the dentist’s chair. 177 more words

Laurel & Hardy

Oscar night with Laurel & Hardy

Tonight, everyone is going to gripe and moan about how their favorite movies did not get nominated for an Academy Award, and how so many classics from previous years didn’t win an Oscar or even get nominated. 95 more words


Laurel & Hardy in CHICKENS COME HOME (1931) - Another round of battle-ax wives

(WARNING: Major spoilers abound!)

Most of the comedy in Chickens Come Home assumes that you buy into the premise of most women being either (a) deceitful blackmailers or (b) the ones who pass judgment on Type (a). 436 more words