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Knowing where the bodies are buried: Laurel and Hardy in Habeas Corpus (1928)

Some two reelers pretend to make a sort of sense and some don’t.  This one doesn’t.

There’s a mad scientist (who lives far more luxuriously than most mad scientists) who needs a brain and needs it now (as mad scientists will and do).   767 more words

Appetite for Autodestruction. "Two Tars" (1928) reviewed.

Laurel and Hardy know how to show girls a good time.  At least, in this film they do.  This double date turns out to be just about the best day out ever as far as Stan and Ollie’s partners (Thelma Hill and Ruby Blaine) are concerned and they are screaming with energetic mirth for much of the film.   991 more words

Will Success Spoil Oliver Hardy? Oh You Betcha! Early to Bed (1928)

Along with Brats (1930), this is the only Laurel and Hardy film to feature only Laurel and Hardy.  OK there’s a dog.

This is a strange film insofar as for most of its duration, Stan is closer to being the adult in the situation.   682 more words


I’m still waiting on one final entry before I announce the prize winners. In the meantime, I encourage you to read the other blog entries that have been posted. 33 more words

Walking north while looking south...

Yep…roughly* the threat made by Captain (Walter Long) to anyone who ever mentions the word “ghost” again. Couple this with Laurel and Hardy… 366 more words


PSA-170430-Funny No 30

This is too funny not to share. For all you young folk out there these guys are Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. You may recognize some of the more modern faces. 17 more words