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Dragon*Con or bust: Fans arrive in Atlanta

For geeks like me, Labor Day weekend is “the most wonderful time of the year” where Whovians, Trekkies, Star Wars fans, LARPers, gamers, Steampunk enthusiasts, aliens, zombies, vampires, fairies, and comic book heroes all mingle in one massive, 5-hotel-spanning nerd diorama. 736 more words


Broadway geeks out behind the scenes

Broadway performers appear in approximately 416 shows per year – often while singing and dancing simultaneously. Repeatedly. For over two hours. No director yells “Cut!” if someone misses an entrance or an actor flubs a line. 911 more words


Where past meets present meets future: My weekend with the steampunks

I am the first to classify myself as a geek. I wear the moniker as a badge of honor, rather than one of shame.

Yet, at times I do find myself embarrassed, not because of my geekiness, but rather because my geekiness is both limited and selective. 1,041 more words


Quest for a princess rescues kids

In 1986, a game that would come to be known as “The Legend of Zelda” was released in Japan. It followed a boy named Link as he fought battles and solved puzzles in the land of Hyrule, as he attempted to collect the eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom in order to rescue the Princess Zelda from the evil Ganon. 797 more words

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The woman who made riding dragons possible

Many of us have dreamed about riding on the backs of dragons, exploring exotic lands and vanquishing foes. But author Anne McCaffrey brought those mere dreams to vivid life when she created the fictional world of Pern back in 1967. 476 more words


They're still taking bets on the World Quidditch Championship

The science-fiction and fantasy universes are chock full of fictional games: “Tron” has the gladiator-style “lightcycle” and “identity disc” games; “Star Trek” has ‘” 999 more words


‘Rocky Horror’ still accepts you

The movie theater is dark and loud. Dozens of people yell out a question and dozens more yell a bawdy reply.

Then the chant begins. It repeats. 1,515 more words