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Hold on to your hats.....CHURCH is presenting again!!

CHURCHpresents is coming at you, FRIDAY MAY 11th!

With a knock out line up featuring word wizard Magpie Ulysses, beloved songwriter James Lamb… 280 more words

Fast French Friends and the Black Bird Guitar Dumpster Dive

I’d like to quote Miss Gooch to begin this post. “I just love how, ya know, how every day is like a new day. Ya know? 1,141 more words

Lauren Everall

J'aime Monter Mon Vélo

I do love to ride my bike. I have been thinking a great deal about the immeasurable pleasure I experience whilst propelling myself through the world. 459 more words

Lauren Everall

Meanwhile….a Love Bird Is Head Over Heels in Frisco…

I was, literally, picked up where the other Birds continued on…from The Reggae fest. Lover Dylan was on day two of his mission to come and find Lover Lauren. 798 more words

Lauren Everall

Honey, The Beauties, Bliss, and Lamb on a Big Sharp Knife

I had an edited and organized written piece to express my experiences and thoughts regarding our visit to Tule Fog Farm in Arcata, California. It meandered through ideas of urban culture and rural culture and their formal characteristics. 1,375 more words

Lauren Everall

Puking, Astoria, and the Solstice Mini-Van

The birds made it over the bridge into the welcoming descent into Oregon. Whoop! Astoria is usually a quick food stop for me on surf trips south, but this was to be the most time any of have spent in the town. 711 more words

Lauren Everall

The Birds Get Married! - Port Townsend, June 11, 2011

Port Townsend was planned to be a mere blip in our trip…a sleep n’ a go..a chat n’ a chew..but it turned out to be much more than that. 728 more words

Lauren Everall