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Predators (2010)

A collection of heavily armed strangers find themselves in a remote jungle wilderness and stalked by an unseen assailant.

Predators is so similar to the 1987 original it can almost be seen as a remake. 236 more words


Tie Summer

As will become obvious as 100D100T makes its way back into the world, I’m no longer wearing a tie every day. I see them every day, as there are about 400 that stare at me from my closet as I leave my bedroom. 134 more words

Guys With Ties

Movie Review: Standoff (2016)

Directed by Adam Alleca, Standoff is a 2016 thriller film starring Thomas Jane and Laurence Fishburne. When Isabelle (Ella Ballentine), an adorable young girl with a knack for photography, sees something she shouldn’t, an assassin (Fishburne) follows her to a lone farmhouse, inhabited by grieving Carter Green (Jane). 310 more words


Here's Your First Look at Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt in 'Passengers'

For a summer full of disappointments, the back half of the year looks quite promising. One of those films with some pretty big potential is the Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt led sci-fi film  471 more words


"The Signal" | Movie Review

Grade (C+)

An imaginative concept that suffered mildly from some slow-pacing, and lack of depth in the main plot. 

– – – – – – – – – – 577 more words


Lawrence and Pratt are Passengers

The first images of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt in their new film Passengers have been released. 93 more words



How to Survive in South Central

South Los Angeles – or South Central, as it used to be known: Where even today the overall crime rate is 23% higher than the national average… 1,666 more words