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Holmes: Dana White's Ronda Rousey Dilemma? Fighting A Worthy Foe

By Laurence W. Holmes–

(CBS) Ronda Rousey has no peer.

After six title defenses by the UFC bantamweight champion, this has become plain. Rousey is Mike Tyson in 1980s, Michael Jordan in the ’90s. 557 more words


Holmes: Joe Maddon Continues To Display His Remarkable People Skills

By Laurence W. Holmes–

(CBS) When the Cubs hired Joe Maddon, it sparked debate on my show about the value of a manager. At the professional level, there are a lot of people who believe a manager’s impact is negligible. 649 more words


Listen: Thomas Jones Joins Laurence Holmes To Talk Acting Career, Bears Memories

(CBS) Former Bears running back Thomas Jones is making quite the transition in his post-football career.

He’s aiming to make it as an actor in Hollywood. 293 more words


Holmes: Role Reversal Turning Jay Cutler From Bears Villain Into Anti-Hero

By Laurence W. Holmes-

(CBS) Comedian Gary Gulman does a bit about watching “The Karate Kid” as a child and how differently he sees it as an adult. 913 more words


Holmes: Forget The Standings -- The White Sox Don't Pass The Eye Test

By Laurence W. Holes–

(CBS) Over the last two weeks, White Sox fans who I’ve talked to have spent  plenty of time plotting a path to the playoffs. 424 more words


Listen: D Makes a Special Appearance With Laurence Holmes on The Score

Demonze Spruiel is now co-founder of weareregalradio.com and a co-host of The D & Davis Show, but once upon a time he was a lowly intern at the most successful sports radio station in Chicago (though he didn’t go on food runs, not too many at least). 191 more words