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How Laurene Powell Jobs plans to reinvent U.S. education

”Laurene Powell Jobs is using the vast fortune left to her by her husband, late Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, to tackle the one institution that has changed little in more than a century: education,” Leena Rao for Fortune. 369 more words


Laurene Powell Jobs funds buyout of News Corp's Amplify education company

”Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, is the lead investor who funded the buyout of News Corp’s money losing digital education business Amplify earlier this year,” Liana B. 266 more words


What Does Steve Jobs’ Widow Have Against ‘Steve Jobs’?

Laurene Powell Jobs reportedly pressured Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and every studio in Hollywood to not make the movie.

She must have had a change of heart. 193 more words


Steve Jobs' widow called up actors, urging them not to play her husband in biopic

Not everyone is happy about Danny Boyle and Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic. In fact, some were angry enough to try sabotaging the making of the film.  404 more words


Chrisann Brennan: Steve Jobs was a haunted house of brokenness; cold, ruthless, and obsessive

”A lifetime later, I visited Steve after he was married. Our daughter Lisa was about 13 and Steve’s son, Reed, a tiny baby,” Chrisann Brennan writes for The Daily Mail. 714 more words


Child psychologist: Giving iPads to children under two is 'tantamount to child abuse'

”A leading child psychologist has claimed giving very young kids an iPad to play with is tantamount to child abuse,” Derek Brown reports for The Sun. 189 more words