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Laurie Simmons: How We See (The Jewish Museum- NYC)

The Jewish Museum has always interested me because of the way it interprets art as belonging to its central theme. Sometimes this means Jewish artists, and other times it refers to the art itself. 480 more words

Exhibition Review

Third Eye Blind

Happy April, readers!

The other day, I read a review of a show by the artist Laurie Simmons, and have been thinking so much about it that I just have to comment on the images and the phenomenon it represents. 331 more words

Miniatures Research

Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons is an American photographer and filmmaker who incorporates miniature models and figurines into her work. Her models include that of mannequins or mini dolls set up in a typical housewife settings, which gives her photographs a retro theme. 62 more words


Living Dolls: Laurie Simmons Offers a Tepid Status Update at the Jewish Museum

Working primarily in photography and film, Laurie Simmons, born in Far Rockaway in 1949, first became known in the mid-1970s for her series of moody black-and-white photographs of dollhouse interiors that dreamily undermine those supposedly archetypal play toys. 1,069 more words

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