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Visit The Lava Flows in Hawaii

For night lava viewing, the bikes have lights attached to get you safely to the lava flow. If you plan to hike out on the lava field when you get to it, bring your own flashlight/head lamp or you can rent one from us. 128 more words

Hawaii - Visit The Lava Flows

Rent a Bike from us for $10 per hour and visit the amazing lava flows. With your bike rental, subject to availability we can provide bike locks, helmets and a first aid kit. 199 more words

Hawaiian Travel - The Big Island

Visiting the lava flow is both spectacular and risky. Volcanic fumes are hazardous to your health, and persons at risk of respiratory problems, heart problems, pregnant women, infants and elderly people are discouraged to engage in this activity. 22 more words

Hawaii Lava Flow

The Kilauea Volcano is the most active volcano in the world. It has been continuously erupting since 1983. You can include viewing the current lava flow as an activity for your vacation and seeing this up close in person is sure to be an awe inspiring experience.  56 more words


The Sunset Crater Volcano erupted about 900 years ago. It left lava flows in the San Francisco Peak Volcano field area, in northern Arizona. This field area of nearly 2000 square miles, contains around 600 identified volcanoes. 36 more words


The Big Obsidian Flow, Central Oregon

During my time in America, I visited the Big Obsidian Flow near Paulina Lake in Central Oregon. It was whilst I was there that I saw my first proper glance of obsidian. 413 more words


Lava After Storm

Volcano Goddess Pele’s steam plume has become more prominent as the eastern most Pacific Ocean entry in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park continues unabated. Her fluid pahoehoe flows cover the better part of a mile of the recently re-built access road, giving visitors a direct path to the action. 144 more words

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