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Adventure in the Congo

Andrew and I have had the privilege to do a lot of really cool things over the past few years, but this short trip *might* have topped them all. 867 more words


Fawn Pass Trail and A Few Days in Gallatin National Forest

After our build in West Yellowstone we continued traveling north, camping and hiking in Gallatin National Forest for a few days. On our way we stopped to look at a beautiful meadow on Highway 91 only to find out that it was the trailhead for Fawn Pass. 182 more words


Cyclical Volcanoes

Hello readers, and welcome to another edition of From Physics to English!
Today we’re focusing on volcanoes–more specifically, Erebus volcano in Antarctica. An active volcano on Ross Island, Erebus is an oft studied volcano that still leaves us with questions. 622 more words
Hey all,
I haven’t been feeling well, so I’m delaying the post originally scheduled for Saturday, August 20th. With any luck, it will be up by the 23rd. 7 more words

WATCH: Volcano smiley face captured on video in Hawaii

A helicopter tour company gave people a great show when it flew over a volcano in Hawaii that appeared to have a smiley face.

The lava lake, in Pu’u’O’o crater, has two circular bubbles of lava making their way to the surface, along with a crack that, together, looks like a smiling face. 140 more words



Back in the beginning of April I thought it’d be great to visit what is regarded the hottest place on Earth – in the hot season. 40 more words

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