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the Paisley Paradise

As I sit in my humble abode, I ponder what I should write first. I’ve been asked many times before in this life of mine if I have some sort of attention deficit disorder because I can be a bit of a scatter brain. 355 more words

Joys of a Lava Lamp

Life is constant change. Always rolling, turning chaos

It’s hard to see the beauty when you’re falling, like a giant blob, right to the bottom of the tank. 51 more words

Late Night Thoughts

Lava Lamp

60′s Flash  Back 🌈 🍄

My new 40 watt “flashback” heater

 Harry Nilsson ~ Jump Into The Fire ~ Nilsson Schmilsson

All day long the poor guy’s been watching helicopters and tomato sauce❗️



Intermolecular Polarity! What?

This week, in preparation for Science Week and our Science Fair, we made our own lava lamps!

Here are some photos:


The Stupid Blue Comforter

Sage sat on the floor of his room. His parents hadn’t bothered to replace the light in his ceiling and the room was only lit by his lamp on the bedside table. 666 more words

Liquid lava lamp

So having had a few unsuccessful experiments recently I needed a sure fire one, and this was it. It’s a fun one for kids to help set up. 533 more words

Indoor Activity

Do NOT think of a purple lamp!

So my therapist says instead of focusing on NOT doing self harm, I should focus entirely on something different. Which totally reminded me of the “don’t think of a purple lamp” test that immediately makes you think of a purple lamp. 207 more words

Self Care