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Disco Kitty Cat

When Kitty Puss isn’t busy contemplating the five W’s…. Who took my food? What did they want with my food? Where did they put my food? 55 more words


Follow-up - Lava Lamp - one day later

This is a follow-up to the ‘chemical lava lamp’ experiment which ScienceKid did yesterday.

About 16 hours later, the oil and water have all separated – but the food colouring remains mixed with the water – here are comparison pictures:

At end of experiment:



Lava Lamp

We decided to do an experiment today so ScienceSis chose Lava Lamp.

Here it is!



Business Dog, Dawg!

Sorry about the lazy wordplay! I told ya there’d be more! Welcome back! Business Dog is here, he’s a dog, get used to it! In this installment, he has purchased a lava lamp. Let’s watch…


Program 40: Density Tower and Lava Lamps, oh my!

I’m always looking for something new to do with my G3 scientists, and I’ve been itching to try out some sort of density-themed program for a while now. 1,805 more words


How to make your own LAVA LAMP

We thought it would be fun to make this amazing lava lamp with your kids. Only with a few ingredients the kids can watch the colourful bubbles float around inside the bottle. 112 more words