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Shiva's Molten Marriage : बहता हुआ लावा माँग का सिंदूर बन जाता है

This is dedicated to the state of simultaneous attachment & detachment, practiced by Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology. I hope you would like this.

तुमने पार्वती की तरह मुझे अपनी भक्ति से जलाया 28 more words

Siddharth Tripathi

Nahuku/Thurston Lava Tube


Found throughout the Big Island of Hawaii, lava tubes and caves are perfect examples of how nature forms itself. Lava caves like the one in the picture above are formed when a river of lava gradually builds solid walls and a ceiling as it is flowing. 77 more words


Brutal 2D Adventure Volcano Background

Download Brutal 2D Adventure Volcano Background in the following link: http://u3d.as/G82

Awesome backgrounds and platforms graphics 2D of a volcano cave prepared for a adventure 2D game. 127 more words


Pāhoehoe, unbroken lava

Made by: Unbroken lava
Materials: Lava


Lava is the molten rock expelled by a volcano during an eruption. The resulting rock after solidification and cooling is also called lava. 132 more words


Lost in Lava and Some Creepy Goats

We’d been driving up the coast north from Kona, Hawaii about 45 minutes, it was hot, and we were looking for things to check out along the road on the way towards Moana Loa when I spotted what appeared to be a remote lagoon located maybe a mile or two off the highway. 1,190 more words

Gaining Ground

“Feel the Earth beneath you. Draw on the Earth’s energy,” my Yin Yoga instructor often says during the opening meditation. I rarely think about the Earth this way. 392 more words


i LAVA you <3

Well, I haven’t posted in a while! The last couple weeks, we have been busy with Valentine’s day and learning about VOLCANOES! SOOOOO much fun! We started the week off with a mentos and diet coke geyser! 427 more words