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~290 Of 365~

It’s risky getting into the flower bed when the bees are still around.   The lavender is ready to cut back and it is always hard for me to do that chore after seeing this purple pretty all Spring and Summer, but I won’t get any new blooms in the next seasons if I don’t cut back now.

Til next time…


Preserving the last of summer...

After all the HEAT we have had well into October, I must say I’m happy for a chilly day today!

I will greatly miss my fresh flowers during the months ahead, though, so I have been researching the topic of preserving flowers!  839 more words



loving sunshine and sweetness
living for the day, and the hive
lost to the rhythm of the dance
while the warmth remains

so sad that the bees are threatened…


Destress with Lavender!

Coming this weekend – 5 awesome Lavender scents.


Apple Lavender

Honey Lavender

Lemon Lavender

Lavender Chamomile

These Lavenders are so incredible smelling, you’ll love them! 25 more words


Getting destroyed by finals? Here Are 10 Ways To De-stress

Well folks, it is that time of the semester. We had our four/five weeks of fun and now it is midterms time. Time to face reality. 668 more words

Mental Health

1 minute Bedtime Playdough

I’ve never made playdough before. I’ve managed to find it in Tesco for 25p and I thought it was too much of a faff. However, Tiny has recently been getting interested in playdough so when I saw a recipe at baby group today for “1 minute Playdough” I thought I’d give it a go. 288 more words


How Anxiety Influenced Me to Dye My Hair

One thing that I am extremely proud of recently is I have been able to overcome my Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

This greatly impacted my life because I’ve been living with it since 7th grade. 220 more words