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DIY Lavender Face Scrub

Hello, lovelies! In my last skin care article, I gave you my top 3 favorite products. Today I’m going to share with you my favorite beauty DIY, my lavender face scrub. 330 more words


Fairytale Makeup

These makeup jobs are some of the best fairytale looks a person could do! These eyes, lips, cheeks, and faces are all unique and oh so beautiful! 135 more words


Fabric Softener is TOXIC

Yes! Fabric Softener is TOXIC. I actually didn’t even know this until I started doing my research. It sure smells nice and makes your clothes soft but the chemicals in Fabric Softener are so terribly bad for you. 257 more words


Sleep Is Key

This will not be the last time I say this but, there are just not enough hours in the day. We have so many goals to reach and quotas to meet that we end up letting some things go. 695 more words

Essential Oils to Help Calm, Cope With & Release Anger

Essential oils to calm anger are good to keep on hand. Unexpressed anger can result in chronic symptoms and conditions. Tiredness, apathy, concentration issues, back and shoulder aches and pains, intestinal problems, rashes and other skin problems, and more. 1,700 more words

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Purple Haze

Purple Haze –

Upon the horizon, shades of lavender, mauve and violet,  delicate and soft.

Orchids, Lavendar, Lotus, Bluebells of Scotland.


Stunning Sunsets 54 more words


Nikki's Wedding Cake

In a nearly secret affair, my friend, Nikki and her partner Michael tied the knot recently!

Obviously, we couldn’t totally respect their desire for privacy! So a few co-workers and I planned to surprise Nikki with cake, champagne and flowers at out most recent Monday meeting. 588 more words