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Judge blocks Obama rule extending overtime pay to 4.2 million U.S. workers

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked an Obama administration rule to extend mandatory overtime pay to more than 4 million salaried workers from taking effect, imperiling one of the outgoing president’s signature achievements for boosting wages. 516 more words


What is Our Christian Response to Immigration?

Immigration is a hot topic today. It was a major issue in the recent presidential election, and it remains front and center in the public psyche. 1,205 more words



Seriously? They’re going to go there? I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not going to happen. Even if the people supporting California ceding from the United States get the issue of ceding onto a ballot for vote this coming March, they face insurmountable odds. 706 more words


The GOP's Stealth War Against Voters

Will an anti-voter-fraud program designed by one of Trump’s advisers deny tens of thousands their right to vote in November?

When Donald Trump claimed, “the election’s going to be rigged,” he wasn’t entirely wrong. 1,992 more words


Ohio University releases results of sexual assault survey.

In early November Ohio University released the results of a sexual misconduct campus climate survey. As has been the case with these surveys seeking feedback the response rate has been rather lackluster.   150 more words

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Immigration: Stepping Back and Looking Forward

Immigration has been front and center in the presidential election. Much of the objection to Donald Trump has focused on his statements about immigration, like the famous wall that he claimed he will make Mexico pay for. 1,432 more words