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Pro-Gun, Pro-Labor and Anti-Racist, Redneck Revolt Is Trying to Steer Whites Away from Trump, Right-Wing Militias

In the era of right-wing populism, white Americans are not monolithic in their support of Trump but rather are reacting to the current circumstances in different ways. 852 more words


Indonesia disbands Hizbut Tahrir group

The Indonesian government on Wednesday disbanded the local branch of an international Islamic organization that seeks to unite Muslim countries under a caliphate.  214 more words


Study: cities rely more on fines for revenue if they have more black residents

The study also offers a potential solution: Elect more black people to local government.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you want to stop police from disproportionately ticketing black communities, a recent study has one potential answer: Elect more black people to local government. 1,253 more words


Tobacco Industry Makes Strides in Trump’s Washington

Tobacco companies have moved swiftly to strengthen their grip on Washington politics, ramping up lobbying efforts and securing significant regulatory wins in the first six months of the Trump era. 1,426 more words


No, you can't snoop on your staff

I do wish the Europeans would make up their minds. There was an ECJ ruling a couple of years ago that made it clear that… 207 more words


First Trump Inauguration Protester Is Sentenced, and Let's Just Say the Punishment Fits the Crime

Dane Powell will serve four months followed by two months of probation after being convicted of a felony rioting charge and assaulting a police officer during the President’s inaugural ceremonies in Washington.

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