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Instead of tickets, cops hand out ...

At a time when we all are recognizing the mistakes, abuses, and fails of our Law Enforcement Officers, maybe we also need to consider all the good they do. 278 more words


Grace: Wilson's story doesn't add up

Nothing pisses me off more than listening to this loud mouthed screeching bag of wind armchair quarterback an incident that she has not got a frigging clue of. 349 more words

Health & Safety

Watch a citizen pull over a cop for a change

Every so often, you stumble across something really interesting . . .

Watch a citizen pull over a cop for a change

Our subject story/video shows a citizen pulling over an unmarked patrol car and the citizen telling the officer operating the car to cease his activities while using the unmarked car. 436 more words


Oh Boy, A Police Escort . . .

One of the things a motorcycle driver can count on is sometime or somewhere some dickhead is going to try to block his traveling between the lanes or cut him off during a lane change. 380 more words

Law Enfiorcement

Man arrested 56 times for going to work?

Florida Law Enforcement needs help in doing their job correctly . . .

Man arrested 56 times for going to work?

Our subject story tells us of a Black man that works at a convenience type store and has been stopped, detained, searched, arrested, or jailed over 200 times during the past 4 years. 255 more words