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‘Lawyers Milking MMIW Inquiry’

“‘Disgrace’…has remained the best word to describe the Trudeau government’s inquiry into the murders and disappearances of thousands of ‘indigenous’ woman and girls. It is a multi-million-dollar disgrace; in fact, one that the father of the Minister of Justice – himself a hereditary chief – called “a bloody farce”. 875 more words

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Choose the IAA Network’s Lawyers for the Best Arbitration Services

The ICC arbitration lawyers of the IAA Network have considerable experience and an excellent record of providing legal representation in international arbitrations. The members of the IAA Network have established an excellent record in International commercial arbitrations under ICC and other arbitration rules. 281 more words

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In-house Counsel Rankings of Law Firms by Industry

“Above The Law” recently published rankings of law firms according to survey metrics supplied by in-house counsel as client-respondents.

Since these rankings are done according to client opinions, they should be of some value and/or concern to law firms, which were scored and ranked according to their service in various industries, including the following: 84 more words

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What is Regulation?

Regulation is a regulation that has been made and enacted by a legislature, such as a parliament. An unmarried piece of regulation is also referred to as an act of parliament or a statute, even as legislation is widely known as the statutory law. 799 more words


Does the Lawyer Handle Cases on a Contingent fee Basis

What Does it mean for a lawyer to paintings on a “Contingency charge basis?”

If you have a felony hassle, you’ll be capable of hiring a legal professional to handle it with little or no enhance price. 1,245 more words

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What Makes the International Arbitration So Popular For Resolving Disputes?

International Arbitration has become popular for resolving the disputes of international trade or commercial. It is an alternative legal law system for handling the disputes that are invoked the business transactions cross-border. 293 more words

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How to Choose the Right Car Accident lawyer

A car accident is a situation no one wishes for themselves, their family or friends. The injuries resulting from an accident are often physically debilitating, emotionally devastating and in the worst scenario, fatal. 342 more words

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