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What a Business Owner can expect from International Arbitration?

When it comes to resolving conflicts between two companies, the long procedure and high cost of court proceedings chase off many people. Business owners tend to avoid such procedures, especially after investing enough capital, time and effort in a joint venture that led to conflict. 242 more words

International Arbitration

For Quick Results, Go for ICC Arbitration Lawyers

In last few years, resolving disputes and disagreement among parties has been done by arbitration instead of going through with court litigations. Arbitration is a process in which the settlement between both the parties is done outside the court involving the participation of a panel of arbitrators. 220 more words

International Arbitration

Law Firms and CI

October 10, 2017

A local legal publication noted[1] the release of a study on competitive intelligence and large law firms. Among its findings was that “[l]aw firms are thirsty for data that could make them more competitive, but few are using it for proactive, strategic planning….” 534 more words

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Real Property Tax Appeals

In the current real estate climate of falling values and rising foreclosures, the annual review of real property assessments is an essential component of asset management.  779 more words

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Why Choose Institutional Arbitration?

We know well, disputes will cause unpleasant experiences but it is an unavoidable part in any corporate relationships or organizations. Whenever there are disputes, a mechanism should take place to resolve these conflicts in a peaceful manner and achieving consensus between both parties who are invoked. 319 more words

International Arbitration

Dispute Resolution in the Most Flexible Way with the Help of International Arbitration Law Firm

International Arbitration is one of the perfect ways to resolve the cross-border disputes outside of litigations or local count for major international corporations. A litigation proceeding go through a long and length process which is more complicated and frustrated with higher cost. 259 more words


Juris Orbis is a full service law firm having its office in Jodhpur; headed by Advocate Sanjeet Purohit- Ass. Solicitor General for Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur. 202 more words