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Show Your Face

Be strategic about face-time. Face-time is an ugly word to most people — it’s usually understood that thing that forces you to come to work every single stupid day, when you would probably be more productive at home. 144 more words


Cover Your Ass

Junior associates can’t escape malpractice liability by saying “but the partner made me do it” (as famously demonstrated in that case I can’t remember). In a less serious but common analogous situation, some midlevel or senior associate gets reamed for a brief citing incorrect law, and blames it on your allegedly shoddy research. 163 more words


Communications: Protecting Law Firm and Client Data

A recent ABA Journal article noted that “insiders are stealing data without law firms even realizing it.”

Internal communications about the importance of client data, the steps necessary to secure it, and the importance of everyone policing it are more critical than ever. 93 more words


Kiss Some Ass

Find ass-kissing distasteful, do you? So do I! That’s why I prefer to think of it as “making friends” so that I hate myself less for doing it. 180 more words


Respect The Hierarchy

We are Biglaw associates who have been told that we are special little intellectual flowers who know everything better than everyone — <ominous tone> UNTIL NOW </ominous tone>. 175 more words


People Get Fired

Some of us went to law school to advocate for justice. Some of us just watched too many episodes of L&O SVU. But most of us are liberal arts majors who figured law school would provide job security for life. 172 more words


PA Bar Association journalism award

Just found out the Pennsylvania Bar Association picked my cybersecurity reporting as the winner of its journalism competition for a special report/series. This is a big deal for the Trib and a nice recognition from a group of professionals that I respect. 48 more words

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