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I’m the subject of a two-part series currently appearing in Bloomberg BNA. Here are the links:

Part I: “At Law Firms, Can Culture Create Value?” 12 more words

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What if technology isn't the answer?

Most of the current thinking about the future of law firms (and other legal activities) turns on the use of technology. Richard Susskind has been in the vanguard, and the accuracy of his predictions has drawn law firms and technology suppliers alike to the same conclusions — improvements inĀ the practice of law and client service in the future will depend heavily on technology. 653 more words

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What to Do in Case of False Allegations

If you were falsely accused of a crime, and you successfully defended yourself in court and had the charges dismissed, you may feel that you have finally rid yourself of a huge burden. 243 more words

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Multi-Vehicle Accidents: What to Do If Injured

Almost a third of the 6 million traffic accidents in the country every year involve more than two cars. These multi-vehicle accidents are normally the result of the negligence of one or two of the drivers, creating a horrible ripple effect on other drivers or pedestrians nearby. 222 more words

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Understanding Field Sobriety Tests

If an officer believes you are driving while intoxicated, he will stop your vehicle and possibly request that you step out of your vehicle. Once out, an officer will likely ask you to perform a battery of field tests to confirm your sobriety. 232 more words

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Steps in Filing Personal Injury Claim

Injuries happen. When someone has been harmed due to the negligence of another then compensation to the victim is the basis for a personal injury claim… 249 more words

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