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Too much choice? Tips for application organisation

It goes without saying that one of the most important skills any solicitor can have is the ability to organise and prioritise.

Whether you’re adding up your hours at the end of the day or making a list of clients to contact, the best advice I can give is to create a system and stick to it. 1,065 more words


How do law firms stay alive?

As the global financial crisis bit, and (in England and Wales at least) the regulatory landscape shifted for law firms, there was a sense that the coming years would see the collapse of a significant number of firms. 1,042 more words

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"Solicitors should not use email at all"

In an article in Computing News last year about the warning ICO issued to the legal profession after a series of data breaches, Richard Anstey, CTO EMEA for collaboration tools provider Intralinks, was asked for his input on ICO’s top tips for barristers and solicitors. 58 more words

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Data security in the legal profession

ICO, which I called some time ago about the continued hacking problems I sometimes write about but which understandably cannot justify the expense to investigate them, issued a warning last year after several data breaches at law firms. 86 more words

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Business Opportunity – IPR Law Firms to curb Impersonators

India has seen a start-up culture recently and is a booming hub for innovative ideas. As per Startup Report 2014 by Nasscom, it is reported that India has 3100 start-ups and around 800 get added every year. 534 more words

Interviews & Anxiety

I am currently looking for a new job – partly because I am bored here, partly because working with my S.O. is not a long term healthy idea! 163 more words