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Rediscovering the Scandalous God: Martin Luther's Theology of the Cross (The Heidelberg Disputation of 1518)

Although we think of Luther’s famous 95 theses as sparking the Reformation in 1517, it would perhaps be more accurate to accord this honor to the theses that he prepared for the disputation in Heidelberg in 1518. 2,268 more words

Protestant Theology

The Basis of Christian Activism

To think that how a society deals with the questions of right and wrong, good and evil, and the improvement of society along those lines, is /not/ within the normal working of the Church is a strange idea. 289 more words

The Decline of Adventism

The Adventist Review recently put out an analysis looking into the attrition rate of the Church.  You can find their article HERE.  Though I’m curious as to why they seem to have chosen to leave out doctrinal disagreements from their survey, what stood out to me wasn’t so much their results but rather their solution to it. 441 more words

Leaving Adventism

Christians & the Old Testament

I hate the word “old.” It makes it automatically seem like the thing that’s old isn’t any good anymore. If something’s old, maybe it’s still around for a reason – it’s worth keeping around! 1,212 more words


Legalism defined

Rev. Nicholas Batzig writes:

If you want to demean someone in the church, you simply have to use the “L-word” when speaking to or about that person.

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Doctrine Of Salvation

When Grace isn't Hyper

WARNING! Hyper-grace makes Christians lazy. Hyper-grace leads to Christians-gone-wild living. Hyper-grace gives Christians license to sin.

What is hyper-grace?  Hyper-grace is too much grace.  Hyper-grace is excessive grace. 950 more words

Good News