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The law of effect (Edward L. Thorndike 1874-1949)

Any response that leads to an outcome that is satisfying for the organism is likely to be repeated. 196 more words

EDS 103 - Theories of Learning

Appreciate. Acknowledgement. Result.

Raising a child in an environment wherein there is a permanent verbal acknowledgement of chores done and praises for doing them completely and correctly produces more positive outcome than negative outcome. 244 more words


Leadership & Teams #04

Managing Motivation

It is not enough for targets of implementation to know what to do (information), they also have to want to do it (motivation).. 429 more words

Leadership & Teams

Edward Thorndike

Edward Thorndike, like William James and Carl Jung, was the son of clergy man, also named Edward who was Methodist minister in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1874. 251 more words