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Jesus Heals Leprosy

When Jesus came down from the mountain, large crowds followed him (75).

Then a man suffering from leprosy (a contagious & therefore dreaded disease of the skin & nerves) came to Jesus, knelt down, and begged him for help. 164 more words


The Mountain: One Rule, One Path

Jesus began to summarize God’s message, emphasizing that God requires us to make a choice, God requires our response (72):

Do for other people what you would like them to do for you.   106 more words


Fastidiousness - can it prevent uncleanness from pets?

The more I look at this subject, the more I am convinced that there is an issue we need to look at as believers. I’m not sure it’s (thankfully) quite as bad as I had initially thought – careful examination of the scriptures leaves things pretty plain. 635 more words

Pets: have we made our homes and our hearts unclean?

What?! Are you serious?

Hear me out.

Not long ago I saw a tweet posted by someone who had just lost their dear dog, and I will confess I wept for him. 527 more words

Hypocrite or hard to understand?

Acts 18:18b At Cenchreae he(Paul) had cut his hair, for he was under a vow.

Here we see Paul keeping the Law of Moses regarding the Nazarite vow of Numbers chapter 6. 1,838 more words

Christian Apologetics

And lastly for today - the Queen's coronation

This little snippet came my way at the end of an article about the supposed affairs of Prince Philip. I have no interest in his private life, and I’m glad to say there is so little evidence for this that it was another confection from the media – a piece really designed to undermine the institution of marriage rather than being anything based on truth. 468 more words

The religion of kindness - painting yourself into a corner

God says to us that our righteousness is as filthy rags. Do you understand what that means? Someone once described it as being like a menstrous rag. 770 more words