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Take Time to Chew the Cud

The following blog was published on Lift Up Your Day. I’ve included it in its entirety below. I hope it gives you something to chew on this week. 509 more words


Did the Law of Moses Copy the Code of Hammurabi?

There is a long list of reasons why skeptics and atheists doubt the veracity of the Bible. One of the reasons is the law code of Hammurabi dating back to around 1754 BC. 655 more words

Answering Questions

Don't Be A Shadow Christian

In this short teaching, I will explain what I mean by a shadow Christian. The Bible is filled with types and shadows and there are Christians who would rather live in the types and shadows than live in their fulfillments. 1,640 more words


John The Baptizer & Elijah The Prophet

After Jesus finished instructing & sending his twelve witnesses, he continued teaching & preaching in the surrounding towns (81).

John the Baptizer was in prison; he had been locked up by Herod.   424 more words

From Death To Life

Later, a teacher of the law of Moses came to Jesus (67). “Teacher,” he said, “I am ready to go with you wherever you go.” Jesus took this opportunity to teach the teacher more about the cost of living for God.   202 more words

Not Necromancy

I spoke with my father-in-law the other day; he’s been dead for several years.

No, this is not necromancy. The Bible makes it pretty clear that the dead do not come back unless God sends them. 734 more words



When Paul visited Jerusalem for the last time the Jews started a riot in the temple that led to his arrest by the Romans.  The Romans brought him before the Jewish council for trial and he was acquitted.   902 more words

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