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Devotion for Thursday Before Proper 14, Year B (ELCA Daily Lectionary)

Above:  Witch of Endor, by Nikolai Ge

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Building Up Our Neighbors, Part I

AUGUST 6, 2015


The Collect:

Gracious God, your blessed Son came down from heaven… 602 more words


The Season of Pentecost

The Jewish festival of Shavuot (Hebrew: שבועות‎, lit. “Weeks”) is one of three main annual pilgrimage festivals in the Judaism. It commemorates God giving the Ten Commandments to Moses on Mount Sinai and it also celebrates the conclusion of the grain harvest in Israel. 549 more words


Going Twice . . .

Jesus continued teaching about the difference between worldly wealth and godly wealth (142).

“We can all agree that a person who is faithful in little things will probably be faithful in big things; and a person who is dishonest in little things will probably be dishonest in big things. 259 more words

Are we lawless Christians?

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We have been considering what the Scriptures say about the Law. We have seen that we are released from the Law (Romans 7:6). 4,642 more words


Bible Study - Genesis 1:1

First of all, I strongly suggest that you begin with a prayer asking GOD for guidance, seriously. Also, before we start, there are some thing I suggest you kept in mind to help you understand: 1,215 more words


Bible Studies - Genesis, the book


Genesis, the book (below)  Genesis 1:3-8 Genesis 1:1 Genesis 1:2

Genesis is the first book of the Old Testament (Christianity) and Tanakh (Judaism), which are the same, but with different book orders. 301 more words


April 30 - Forgiveness

Acts 13:26-52; Joshua 20-21; Job 30

Some people seem to be on an endless quest to gain forgiveness. We’ve seen comedy routines where a man is seeking forgiveness from his wife and the pains he goes through to get back in her good graces are amazing. 301 more words

Devotional Thoughts