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Forgotten Extrovert

I forget I am an extrovert. 

No, really. There is a difference between being outgoing and being an extrovert. I easily convince myself I am the former. 143 more words


Watching Oral Arguments

One of the former interns at the Foundation where I work swung by today to look up some paperwork. She is also a 3L and her article is also getting published by the Wisconsin Law Review this semester. 291 more words

Law School Life

Last First Day of School?

I meant to get a picture of my last-first-day-of-school but turns out I don’t know anyone in either of my Thursday classes so there was no one to take a quick snapshot. 155 more words

Law School Life

First Day of TAing!

I went to a school far too tiny to even consider Teachers Assistants (TAs). I suppose we had ‘work study.’ Sometimes those students would grade papers and whatnot. 124 more words

Law School Life

TA Training

I am TAing this coming semester for an undergrad class! It is a very exciting opportunity. I have no idea what I am doing. 

I read the handbook very carefully and it said TA training would take place today and gave a building. 75 more words

Law School Life

Artistically Minded

I am not artistically minded. Anyone who saw my old apartment could tell you this. I hung no pictures; my furniture theme is “free to me”; and I usually cover it all with layer of books and papers anyway. 113 more words

Law School Life

6 Things not to do in the first week of Law School.

It’s Friday and I’m about to close out my first week of law school. My nerves and worries have pretty much vanished as I’ve gotten comfortable with the work and classes. 448 more words

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