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The Human Rights Act: What's All The Fuss About?

You’ve seen the media coverage, you’ve seen the social media backlash, you’ve seen the petition. But you may be wondering what the Human Rights Act is, and why it so quickly seems to have gone from non-issue to national game-changer. 1,112 more words


Some Definitions

So, if you’ve read the introduction to my blog, you’ll know that it is intended, at least partly, for the sharing of ideas in the fields of Public, Constitutional and Medical Law, for the benefit of what I call “Young Lawyers”. 419 more words

Law Student

An Introduction

You’re probably confused by the title of this blog. Well, it represents the two things that first came to mind when I thought “Law School”. 399 more words


Law school grades: should they matter?

Again, I want to give my two cents on this highly discussed topic, not to tell readers what to do, but to help you figure out what should matter to you. 645 more words

Law School

Making it through law school : find your people

The title could also have been: Making it through law school : avoiding some people. This is the story about how I discovered that law students are not social work students, nor community workers. 527 more words

Law School


Whilst a simple couple of chapters for the first week of life as a law student, I must say they were interesting. Chapter one gives a good insight to the myths and realities of being a lawyer, like how legal work isn’t as glamorous and exciting as TV and media may portray (who would have guessed?!). 269 more words

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How I kicked a lawyer in the stomach... (Prologue)

Yesterday, I kicked a lawyer in the stomach. Hard.

I am pretty sure this is an experience few (if any) law students can relate to. None of my classmates (to my knowledge) have ever wound up and, with all their might, booted a woman who is a 7 year member of the bar in the gut.  143 more words