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Why I’m glad we’re talking about Christopher Chope

Prior to the outcry he has faced for blocking a bill to make upskirting a crime, I’d never heard his name.

I’m concerned about this. It turns out, this is far from his first despicable act. 941 more words

Apartment Hunting We Will Go

Hey everyone!

Have you started apartment hunting for your new home yet? I recently did and I’d like to share some tips that I think made my experience less stressful. 1,002 more words


What is studying with the Open University like? A guide and tips.

Enrolling is very easy. The rest depends on you.

I started officially October 2017, although the module materials became available a couple of weeks before the official start date. 1,444 more words

Why Open University?

I’ll start right at the beginning, August 2017. I was re-evaluating my life in general. I was busy, working part time in a pharmacy, parenting our two sons, and general ‘adulting’ like making sure the cupboards are full, the bills paid, the toilets scrubbed, the bedsheets ironed, trying to squeeze in the odd date night and trying to fit in seeing family and friends around working every weekend. 759 more words

An unconventional path to law

So, why an unconventional path?

Firstly, I am 27, 26 when I began, so I qualify as a mature student.

Secondly, I am a parent. I had my first son aged 21, and the second at the age of 23. 728 more words

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! I decided to start keeping a record of my ‘journey’ (I know, I dislike the phrase too, but it seems apt) of gaining my LLB with the Open University. 158 more words

Entry #13: From Law Student to Law Graduate!

Hi my dear lovelies! I guess you’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted for some time, and this is just why…

I just graduated today and attended the ceremony at PICC!!! 402 more words

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