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5 Things No One Tells You about Law School

I started law school one month ago and, despite having a full week of orientation where I ended up with more questions than answers, I have finally figured out a few things. 801 more words

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Encouraging Law Student Involvement in Elder Law

Michael Marks is a lawyer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the principal attorney of Marks Elder Law. Michael Marks has more than 37 years of legal experience in the Pittsburgh area, and is a member of numerous professional organizations, including the… 150 more words

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Judgement of the judge.

How would you feel if you are a victim and survivor of a vile crime perpetrated by an individual who sought to degrade you?

How do you feel if, as such a victim, you summon up your courage and determination to report the crime to the police, and subject yourself to invasive medical procedures and examinations? 1,570 more words

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Been pretty bad updating recently, after the virus which lasted about ten days I made back to class the following week. That week was two sessions followed by 3 the week after and a home WOD so essentially 4. 83 more words


Wednesday and the tale of woe(nrolment).

Another new academic term looms on the horizon: I start my Masters in just over one week. It is a weird and wonderful feeling, as this is something I have always longed to do, but equally so I cannot believe the day is drawing near. 1,123 more words

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Chatty update!

Two posts in a night? Wow, miracles can happen!
anyway I fancy a bit of a chat! I know this isn’t exactly a ‘chat’ because in theory it is just me pouring out a ton of stuff and pretending that I’m having some sort of conversation with you all! 864 more words


Assembly Election Reflection.

Time is a strange thing. Sometimes we eagerly count down the days until a certain event occurs. We swear that it feels so very far away, but in what seems like a blink of an eye, the event in question has come and gone and we are left reminiscing in its wake. 2,676 more words

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