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Rule 5 - DO enjoy what you read; DON'T read for the sake of reading

Do you know what I’ve just realised? *cue some kind of epiphany music* When I really want to know something, I love reading about it! Another seemingly obvious point eh? 415 more words


So what happened this month?

A lot. So much that I had to use a wall calendar to keep track of it all, and my phone calendar wasn’t enough.

Here is an overview: 1,087 more words

Journey Through 2L

Cannabis: Patently Useless?

Not too long ago I was at a party where an acquaintance, upon hearing that I was studying intellectual property in law school, addressed me with a slightly tipsy and decidedly confrontational “you can’t own ideas, man!”  At the time, I just smiled and prevaricated.   1,786 more words

Pretty Little Diet

I may be 24 and a legal professional, but I love me some pretty little liars. In honor of PLL day, my roommate packed me an A – themed day of food. 20 more words


Want to dress up and go for tea:

Reality is studying in a weird but effective spot:

Inspiration, Diane Lockhart (The Good Wife):

The Champagne of Cannabis Should Not File for Bankruptcy

Humboldt County is the Champagne of Cannabis. Ask anyone in the marijuana industry where the best “weed” in the country is grown and he or she will reply Humboldt or the “Emerald Triangle.” While this northern California region prides itself on its reputation, praise alone won’t pay the bills. 245 more words