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Law Students X Blogging: GirlEccentric

Its notably a fact that a lot of student bloggers blame their inconsistency on school work. School work is alarming especially in Nigerian Universities where everything just has to be so stressful including learning. 1,143 more words


MONTH REVIEW : April, 2018

April still has not ended, and yet there has been a lot of things going on in this month of Spring. Quoting T.S. Eliot, who insisted that April is the cruelest month. 401 more words


15 Years, Back to University

I’m 35 years old and I just started the Bachelor of Laws (undergraduate) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand as a part-time, mature student. 794 more words


Scandal...but this time not from Shonda Rhimes

#TyroneHankerson was a trending topic on twitter in recent days but do you know why? This Howard University Law school senior  who also worked in the financial aid department was accused of stealing over $429,000 in scholarships and grants. 312 more words


It’s been a while and so much has changed. I am not going to go into the specifics but will instead present a summary of the past month or so. 720 more words

'the h in university stands for happiness'

Currently in the library working towards a study project due in 6 days and I have just looked outside the window. Despite the chilly weather and the car lights fading in the misty fog as they drive through the university road, or my stress levels being higher than Burj Khalifa I must say I haven’t felt more content since December when I went to Finland. 555 more words


Why become a lawyer?

A justice once told a story about a father who had a five year old son. As early as the child’s age, the father wanted to know the future of the child. 619 more words