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I am done with classes.
I am done with clinic.
I am done with meetings.
I am done with law school.
Bye Felicia.
I’m going to drink.

Law School Such A Beast

Of Legislation, Governance and Society.

Well, there we have it. The 1st May has come and gone, and frankly I am struggling to come to terms with the rapid progression into this year. 2,515 more words

Student Blog

Of Training Contracts and Optimism.

Law students and aspiring solicitors of the (UK) world, unite in optimism and rejoice. For this week, there was surprisingly good news in the form of training contracts. 855 more words

Student Blog

So you're studying for finals...

Here are some tried and true tips:

  1. Outline early. The earlier you condense all of your work, the easier it’ll be to go over at the end of the semester…
  2. 348 more words
Law School Such A Beast

Knowledge Overdose

Mid last year my marriage came to an end after being with my husband for seventeen years. Flooded with mixed emotions I fumbled my way through the months that followed. 282 more words

Women's Fiction

The Graduate's Hunt - Update 1

Its my first update post since starting this challenge, and its not a good one. I am the not so proud recipient of a rejection letter from a pretty large firm that I like. 295 more words


Daniel Greenberg on Nonsense Legislation


accessed 3rd december 2015
By Daniel Greenberg

An increasing proportion of legislation has little or no effect: in 2010, Parliament even passed two entire Acts without a single genuine legislative proposition. 315 more words