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Memoirs of a melancholic existence - the power of a photograph

It’s nearly been 15 years since you were taken away from me… locked up and left to rot.

It was nice to see you.

We took photo’s together today, 2,655 more words

Girl Next Door (GND) - Part 3


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I’m sure everyone has had one of those wtf moments where you realize your evil triplet is doing your good triplet’s crush, your bestie conspired with your evil triplet to get you to knack a random babe (both knowing you have a gf) and your entire day has been one big konji-driven lie. 5,605 more words


LSS CHRONICLE, In a Lighter Vein

By Joshua Omenga

Against all odds the FORWARD TEAM came to being, after a rigorous campaign laced with betrayal and rumour and blackmail – don’t ask on whose side, don’t get entangled in the quagmire, don’t let the smouldering fire burn you. 2,340 more words


Stu{dying} For Finals

With just 13 days until my first final, I think its safe to say that ish is getting REAL.

I turned my open memo in on Nov. 152 more words

Law School

The LLB Trend

A few days ago, the hashtag ‘MyLLbStory’ was trending,

due to having been repeatedly tweeted by law students by and large over the nation. The larger portion of them though were from Unilag Law Class of 16. 522 more words

Student Write-up

Freedom of Expression has Limits: Applying the Roman Concept of Contra Bonos Mores and Iniuria to Discrimination

Here’s the general issue…
It is such an infuriating experience when you log on to your regular social media hub and stumble across posts that are so wildly offensive it makes you stop and contemplate writing back, before realising you’d only be wasting your time in an online war fueled by likes and straw mans rather than rationale and thought. 1,712 more words


It's Not The Gym, It's A Courtroom

This is a pet peeve of mine and it is time I address it. I remember the first time I witnessed the atrocity. It was about 4 years ago. 378 more words