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Winning or losing - it's all about the marginals.

Consider this post as a precursor of sorts for the main post of the day. The topic of both aforementioned blog posts? Take a guess: Labour. 2,341 more words

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Go Set the Summer Reading.

Hello all,

Just a little post – sans political analysing, ranting and of course legal musings – to share this event with you all.

I am rather a voracious reader (always have been) and will happily devour books from a variety of genres. 258 more words

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Mock the Week: Magna Carta style.

Just a brief little post on news which I thought was interesting to note. As someone who desires to work in the field of constitutional/public law, I would have been judging myself if I had not written a post about this. 1,369 more words

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When is enough enough?

Hello my name is Emma,

Where do I begin. I used to live in Bolivia where I was born and grew up. I studied Law at University where I met a man 10 years older than me. 437 more words


The Good, the Bad and the Competent

Good advocates and bad advocates both make mistakes. It is only the good advocate that realises they have lapsed into error and resolves not to do it again. 1,158 more words


5 Types of people you will meet at Law School

Very soon, aspiring law students across the country will be opening their A-Level results, hoping that the prestige of law school awaits them. For months they have been asked, ‘What are you going to study at Uni?’, to which they reply, ‘Law’. 675 more words