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The Late Start - a mature law student's guide to the galaxy...

Hi guys, my name is Nick…

Well after a year of studying with the Open University Law School it is time I moved on. I know it is a year late, I probably should have started this blog back in October 2014 when I first started to study law officially, but looking back a year later and changing universities to the BPP Law School, I think a more balanced basis for comparison would give a blog like this more credibility; especially if any other mature student is reading this. 1,890 more words

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Whose Study Abroad is it Anyway? - Study Abroad Survival Tips.

Just call me the Bear Grylls of study abroad adventuring and survival.

Allow me to say this: studying abroad is a worthwhile, enriching experience. My time in America was truly wonderful; I left brimming with memories, new friends and experiences. 2,352 more words

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Getting by with a little help from your Buddies.

Paraphrasing¬†The Beatles aside, this is an exciting post for me to share with you all today, focusing as it does on the amazing International Buddy Scheme… 676 more words

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Settling into a routine...for now!

Hey y’all!

So I survived the second day of the second week! Now that I’ve got an idea of how my professors run their classes and how my schedule ends up shaking out, I can finally start planning my life. 300 more words

What Does A Law School Syllabus Look Like?

As a student the first connection you have with a class is through the syllabus. Not surprisingly, my law school class syllabi have been almost identical to the ones I received in undergrad. 166 more words

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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Everyone,
This is my first blog; and my first ever blog post!

My name is Cam, and I am a current Law Student studying a Bachelor of Laws. 253 more words

Current emotion: Deeper in denial than Miley Cyrus' parents

First day of 3L is tomorrow and I am deeper in denial than Miley Cyrus’s parents.

Instead of focusing on doing work (correction: going over the work I already did, hi Michael!), I’m watching Intervention and drinking a gin and tonic on the couch. 26 more words