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The Eagle Forum’s Family Feud

In a lawyer’s world, nothing divides family more than: family itself, money, and business ownership.

Every major non-profit tends to suffer from what is known as “founders syndrome.” Founders syndrome is when an entity’s identity becomes permanently commingled with the personal identity of the one who founded it, or the head of the organization. 437 more words


Philosophy Class at the Ball Park – Part 3

When is Jesus coming again?

We know the answer to that question. You can too. We even learn about the Rapture and the Tribulation Period. Join our Bible study on… 665 more words

Church Age

Commandments and Personal Revelation- Summary

This study was an excellent opportunity for me to dive into a topic that has been a big source of confusion to me, and I am sure to many others as well. 601 more words


Why Are Home and Yard Signs Free Speech?


Americans often put signs in their yards, but many don’t understand how the First Amendment protects their right to do it.

According to a survey, one third of Americans cannot name a single freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. 461 more words


how my life was robbed

DAY 78

Back to this
paperwork that the fucking company said
their sending is it to cover their fucking arses or is it the fact that they… 556 more words

Appropriate Training for Police Interactions With Citizens who have Mental Illness and Addiction

 Appropriate Training for Police Interactions With Citizens who have Mental Illness and Addiction

  1. 1. Running head: APPROPRIATE TRAINING FOR POLICE 1 Appropriate Training for Police Interactions with Citizens Who Have Mental Illness and Addiction Cynthia Micholias LART10 Section 102 Sara Beck December 1st, 2016…
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