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Sin – How does God remove it from us? How is the penalty paid for?

Jesus paid the price for my having missed God’s goal (aka sin) for my life. A penalty had to be paid. Jesus paid it for me. 918 more words


God's Law or Arbitrary Tyranny

“The civil magistrate cannot function without some ethical guidance, without some standard of good and evil. If that standard is not to be the revealed Law of God… then what will it be? 459 more words


The Saudi Cover-Up May Be Trump’s Worst Crime Yet

Martin Longman writes in the Washington Monthly:

Many of Donald Trump’s crimes have been committed in plain sight, like his fraudulent Trump University and his 

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The Most Challenging Law

We love laws that govern how people should treat us, but we often respond much less favorably to laws that govern how we should treat God. 1,425 more words


How to research firms for Pupillage.

After four, five years of study, you are finally at this stage – pupillage (or known as chambering). Congratulations, some of you may have already secured pupillage, some may still be considering the offers that they have gotten, some are still in the midst of interviewing and trying to get offers. 2,312 more words


New Bruce Norris play 'Downstate' argues that sex offenders are people, to

From the Chicago Tribune | Sept. 30, 2018

Review by Chris Jones

Excerpts:  “Downstate,” which is a co-production with the National Theatre in London and is blisteringly acted under the direction of Pam MacKinnon, dares to do something that even Bruce Norris has not done before: to ask an audience to gather and debate the not-so-gentle proposition that sex-offenders are people too. 165 more words


Scams - Prevention

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Warren Buffett’s Investment Advice for You. (10 Jul 2009). ABC News. New York, US. .

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