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Did God Change His Mind About The Law?

If the laws of the OT have been superceded in Jesus Christ, does it follow that God changed His mind about which laws should be followed? 813 more words


Taxes VIII

I haven’t talked to my mom in 24 years. It’s not that I hate my mom. Since, I left at thirteen. I grew up without her. 570 more words

[David E. Bernstein] Everything You Wanted to Know about Anti-BDS Laws, Part II

My second and final post debunking various misconceptions and bad legal arguments about anti-BDS laws

PART I can be found here.

State laws regulating contractors’ dealings with foreign entities and associated companies are not novel… 868 more words


[Ilya Somin] Why No Congress Day, Judiciary Day, or Separation of Powers Day?

My 2015 critique of Presidents Day is, if anything, even more relevant four years later.

Back in 2015, I wrote a critique of Presidents Day… 264 more words


Abolition of short sentences

“long enough to damage you and not long enough to heal you” – Rory Stewart (Prisons minister).

This was the quotation given by the Prisons minster, following the announcement of the statement that short term prison sentences should be abolished; and replaced with orders that focus more on rehabilitation and reformation.

492 more words

Richard Posner – Antitrust Law, Second Edition

Richard Posner – Antitrust Law, Second Edition

A foundational text in modern antitrust regulation. From the 1890 Sherman Act up until about the late 1960s, antitrust policy was strictly for lawyers and politicians. 237 more words