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Court security officer is accused of emailing photo of defense lawyer's notes to prosecutor

A court security officer in Augusta, Maine, has been placed on paid leave pending an internal investigation into allegations that he took a cellphone photo of a defense lawyer’s notes and then emailed it to the prosecutor….read more


The Lean

I have a lean. I lean to the left. My friend leans to the right. I don’t mean a political lean. I mean an anatomical one. 73 more words


Walk In God's Law

God’s law is nothing like man’s law.

Man’s law is the product of a fallen and corrupt race. Man’s law only restricts, encumber, punishes, and is corrupted, twisted, and enslaved by its own bureaucracy. 291 more words


Traits a Test Legal representative Ought to Have

It’s not that whenever you face any legal problem you will certainly need to go to the court room for negotiation. There are several situations that are cleared up outside the courtroom and save your power and money. 559 more words


March 23, 2017/Laws and Conscience

You don’t have to look too far to find some sort of scandal lately. It seems as if there is one around every corner. Politicians. Judges. 623 more words


The Path. What is Shari’ah?

As recent politics has put Islam and Islamic Shari’ah into the spotlight of public discourse, there is every reason you all should know about the topic of… 1,752 more words


Action Needed: Medical Neglect and also Auto Accidents

Health centers are the areas where you must get appropriate therapy so that you are healed of the illness. Yet the inquiry is, what if your ailment obtains intensified or certain various other wellness relevant problem arises considering that the medical professional made incorrect medical diagnosis or as a result of lack of proper clinical attention or points like that? 545 more words