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Reviewing VPN concerns

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Virtual private network (VPN) has been a contentious piece of technology here for years.

Content publishers are unhappy that consumers here use the technology to access blocked content meant for overseas markets, even though many paid for the content. 260 more words


"Big Brother is finally here" -- starting in Baltimore

Bloomberg Businessweek

cSince January, police have been testing an aerial surveillance system adapted from the surge in Iraq. And they neglected to tell the public.

620 more words

In France, modest beachwear is against the law (just for women)

France has gone insane.

Around where I live, on Monterey Bay, a lot of surfers wear wetsuits, which apparently are illegal in France, at least for women. 125 more words

Daily Life

Voter fraud, hackers, and George Soros

In the past I have written about some of the issues of voter fraud committed by people posing as legitimate voters. These famously include the dogs and dead people voting in St Louis – for Democrats strangely, though I have never encountered a dog who would vote for a Democrat. 250 more words


The Burkini Ban

Authorities in a number of French towns have set a ban on burkinis in several of their beaches. On pro-ban side of the argument, some see it as progress since they believe that no religion should force a women to dress a certain way. 469 more words