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800 Families File Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia over 9/11, by Carey Wedler

The discovery and actual trial of this case could be explosive, and deeply embarrassing to both Saudi Arabian and American government officials. If in fact Saudi Arabia is found liable, let’s hope the plaintiffs receive proper monetary compensation and a measure of closure. 344 more words

Foreign Policy

The Gay Panic Defense: When Law and Social Justice Intersect

By Amanda Bertsch


In many Middle Eastern and African courts, there’s an easy way to escape murder charges: prove that the victim was gay. In these areas of the world, “gay panic” laws allow a judge to dismiss a case if the victim was attacked specifically for their sexuality (or, in the case of transgender individuals, their gender identity). 784 more words


I Fought the Law and the Law Won

I remember several years ago enjoying a program aimed at children that was actually interesting for all ages. I wish I could remember what it was or who the host was, but alas, I cannot. 465 more words

Michigan State pro day offered Texans more than Malik McDowell

Michigan State held its pro day in East Lansing on Wednesday, and the headliner is enigmatic defensive lineman Malik McDowell. Yet there is more depth in the Spartans draft class than meets the outside eye. 252 more words

2017 NFL Draft

Law, Labour Disputes and Trade Union Building in Myanmar

On June the 9th 2016, More than 12,000 workers from different Yangon factories were protesting in Hlaing Tharyar township against low wages, forced and unpaid overtime, and the firing of organized workers. 2,245 more words

Labour Standards

Ethics and the Art of Collecting Employee Data

Hot legal news! Technology has revolutionized the world in so many ways, but with new tech comes new challenges for businesses. Currently, one of the ethical challenges facing businesses, both small and large, revolves around employee data collection and analytics. 21 more words

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