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Tips on How To Find Legal Divorce Lawyer in Shanghai?

Getting a divorce lawyer is one of the most stressful life events you can ever go through. It’s second to death of a spouse and way above changing a job or residence, two things that all people in Shanghai have had to go through at some point or another, if not every year. 272 more words


Lifetime Employment in Japan: Casual Work, Part-Time Work and Women under Equal Opportunity Law

Lifetime employment has long been the cornerstone of corporate governance in Japan. College graduates at large firms have traditionally been guaranteed employment until retirement. These graduates, almost exclusively men, are guaranteed job security in return for complete loyalty to their company of choice. 7,609 more words


Choosing A Blog Name

I’ll be honest, I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve always considered myself a writer. Mostly because I had the best poems in class growing up. 979 more words

Discussions with a Farrier ~ Can you use clip on shoes?

While away with work at the weekend, the social media famous clip on horse shoes came up in conversation. (If you haven’t heard of these, … 287 more words




Many humans loose lives every day within Borderlands and the main probe is often the victim’s nationality, as American or Mexican. Indigenous denotes belonging to particular land, through tradition and time. 1,315 more words

California Lawmakers Protect the Legal Cannabis Industry by Announcing Non-Cooperation with the Federal Government

Legal Cannabis Industry Entrepreneurs, Enthusiasts, and Spectators:

Recently the Federal Government has publicly stated that it respects medical marijuana usage in States that allow it, but does not support recreational marijuana in any form. 178 more words

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About the University:

Parul University, Faculty of Law, offers advance knowledge of Law and endeavors to disseminate learning of law and legal practices among the people at large, playing an active role in national development. 398 more words

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