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Solve your Insolvency with Skilled Bankruptcy Lawyers

An important aspect of any lawyer is developing and managing relationships with the client. A litigation lawyer knows how to present your side of a dispute to the judge and protect your rights and maximise your chances of getting a decision in your favour. 226 more words


A New Communication in the Workplace

With the advancement of Social Media and communication via the Interweb, there is speculation about the correct way in which we should communicate in a professional manner. 457 more words


What is a Mass Tort?

We are often asked ‘what is a mass tort’? A tort is an act that causes harm or infringement of a right for which the responsible party has civil legal liability. 329 more words



The other day I had an interview for an possible internship starting in the middle of September.

Nice place? Ehhh YES!

Just look at the pictures below… 66 more words

Laurel Castillo Quote

“I’m a cheater, yes. And a slut and a bad person and now a murderer. Judge me if you want. Just do it while we’re carrying the damn body! ” – Laurel Castillo


Dress Code

I work in a law firm.  Not as a lawyer, let’s be clear right away.

The horror.

The dress code is anywhere from jeans to power suits from the secretaries to the partners. 327 more words


What are the Most Common Personal Injury Claims in Sacramento?

Most often a personal injury occurs when a person has suffered some form of bodily harm, as the result of an accident. In Sacramento, the most common type of personal injury claims are the result of a traffic accidents, work-related accident, a trip and fall, assault, accident at home, and accidents when a person in on vacation. 408 more words

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