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The Crime of Our Lives, by Lawrence Block

One of the things I enjoy most about Twitter is the sense of camaraderie I get with writers whose work I enjoy. While Lawrence Block had made his email address public some time ago, sending an email is more daunting than firing off a tweet, so I never took advantage of it. 472 more words


My Interview With Fellow Crime Novelist Timothy Hallinan

I interviewed fellow crime novelist Timothy Hallinan for Crimelandia, the website of Left Coast Crime, a major crime fiction conference where he was recently awarded a coveted Lefty Award. 3,122 more words

Review: "The Crime of Our Lives" - Lawrence Block

There’s only one problem with opening a new non-fiction book by Lawrence Block: Your reading list explodes logarithmically. His newest collection of introductions, eulogies, and other appreciations, … 500 more words


The Crime Of Our Lives by Lawrence Block

I sat down to read this work of non-fiction from one of my favorite fiction authors in the hopes I’d be turned onto something I’d not ventured into yet. 594 more words


Review: Adios, Scheherazade--Chapter 1

To: Donald E. Westlake, c/o The Great Beyond

From: ‘Fred Fitch’ via The Westlake Review

Dear Mr. Westlake:

I hope I am not interrupting any conversations/drinking sessions/amatory exploits you might currently be engaging in with O. 5,169 more words

Donald Westlake Novels

Eight Million Ways to Die – Lawrence Block (1982)

A detective detects by going around and talking to people. That’s how Matthew Scudder explains his job in Lawrence Block’s Eight Million Ways to Die. 318 more words

Eight Million Ways To Die

A Walk Among the Tombstones

Based on the 1992 mystery novel by author Lawrence Block,  A Walk Among the Tombstones concerns the adventures of former-New-York-City-cop-turned-unlicensed-private-detective Matt Scudder.  Scudder is an alcoholic who let his drinking impair his judgement while on the job with the NYPD which resulted in his dismissal. 328 more words

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