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Hardcover, 288 pages

Expected publication: December 6th 2016 by Pegasus Books

Short stories hold a power that longer works of fiction do not have the advantage of: they can pack a hard punch that’ll knock your socks off in mere minutes, spilling uplifting joy, heart-wrenching pain or newly provoked thought from readers all in one fell swoop.

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Published 2016

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Sinner Man, by Lawrence Block. Coming November, 2016.
To escape punishment for a murder he didn’t mean to commit, insurance man Don Barshter has to take on a new identity: Nathaniel Crowley, ferocious up-and-comer in the New York mob. 492 more words

The Only Writing Advice You'll Ever Need


oh, and you should read a lot, too.

Just write, really. If you need encouragement, business advice, or criticism of your work, that’s something else entirely. 407 more words

Thank God It’s Monday! #writing #crimewriting #mondays

“The important thing, as I’ve said before, is neither to get it written nor to get it right. The important thing is to do what works.” 33 more words


What’s a Mystery Writer to Do When His Hero Loses His Crime-Fighting Job?

A lot of mystery story heroes used to do something else for a living.

For example, Robert B. Parker’s series character, Jesse Stone, was a professional baseball player before he became a police chief. 1,173 more words

Multi-Million Dollar Heist*

Have you ever seen George Roy Hill’s Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)? If you have, then you know its focus is an outlaw gang called the Hole in the Wall Gang. 1,054 more words


Lawrence Block: Die Sünden der Väter

Der 77-jährige US-Amerikaner Lawrence Block ist ein ausgesprochener Vielschreiber, der gleichzeitig zu den am häufigsten ausgezeichneten Autoren des Krimigenres zählt. Vier Mal konnte er den begehrten Edgar Allan Poe Award gewinnen, zudem wurde er wiederholt für sein Lebenswerk ausgezeichnet. 252 more words