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Show 9, Part 2: The Popular Belief Isn't Always The Correct One ...

I did say that this wouldn’t take 4 months, so I’m rather pleased with myself …

This is the concluding part of Show 9.

The Variety article that we mention at the start is… 200 more words

Han Solo

FACT: HAN SOLO Stand-Alone Movie Changes Release Dates

Fact! Sources –FACTUAL sources- tell me that, FACT, the Han Solo stand-alone movie –and this is a FACT- will move to 3 August, 2018 to give Ron Kasdan time to finish the movie Lord & Miller couldn’t because –FACT- they suck. 17 more words

Is the Han Solo prequel really in trouble?

So, in the past week news broke that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, creators of hits such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, were fired from the untitled Han Solo Star Wars film leading many fans to worry about what is happening with the film. 508 more words

Interim Bonus Show

… because we’ve been telling you …

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Han Solo

The Han Solo Film Debacle: What the Hell Happened?

The movie industry is a convoluted and fickle place. Big budget blockbusters like The Mummy bomb while a film like Get Out, with a $5 million budget, goes on to make over $250 million worldwide. 1,431 more words

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Frank is joined by his Star Wars expert friend, Terry to discuss the abrupt firing of Lord and Miller from the HAN SOLO film, and swift replacement that is Ron Howard.

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