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In this episode of Secrets of Star Wars, Fr. Roderick and Dom talk about Michael Arndt’s replacement by veteran Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan. Did Abrams and Kasdan start from scratch?

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Quote of the day

Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.

Lawrence Kasdan

Wise words, Mr Kasdan, though it is the most interesting, absorbing homework in your favourite subject!

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Opinionated Grumpy: Star Wars Canon is not Disney or JJ Abrams fault Kathleen Kennedy stabbed Mara Jade in the back.

Two years ago George Lucas signed a contract Giving Lucasfilm and everything that goes with it to Bob Iger and the House That Walt Built. Though I was happy about Disney getting control of the Star Wars Universe (and they deserved it based on how well they worked with Lucasfilm through there theme park devision). 391 more words


Way Over Yonder

My copy of Tapestry sits uneasily beside Give ‘Em Enough Rope and Love Bites. It wasn’t really where I was at in the 70s. It was given to me (by way of legacy) by my friend Steve whose birthday it should be today. 869 more words


The decline and fall of George Lucas, no sadder figure in Hollywood


Jamie Portman
Postmedia News
Perhaps George Lucas doesn’t care about the humiliations that have descended on him in recent weeks. Or maybe the creator of Star Wars does care — but consoles himself by crying all the way to the bank. 978 more words


“Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life.” –Lawrence Kasdan