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The Han Solo Film Debacle: What the Hell Happened?

The movie industry is a convoluted and fickle place. Big budget blockbusters like The Mummy bomb while a film like Get Out, with a $5 million budget, goes on to make over $250 million worldwide. 1,431 more words

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Frank is joined by his Star Wars expert friend, Terry to discuss the abrupt firing of Lord and Miller from the HAN SOLO film, and swift replacement that is Ron Howard.

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Han Solo Gets a New Co-pilot!

It seems that modern films are plagued with problems more than ever, especially the big blockbuster ones! barely a day goes by without news of a script re-write, re-shoots, cast or crew drop outs or release dates being changed. 272 more words


'Han Solo', Kathleen Kennedy and Ron Howard

A few days ago the news broke that Lord & Miller, up until then the directors for the as-of-yet unnamed Han Solo spin-off, had been fired by Lucasfilm with a few weeks of production still left. 1,532 more words

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Star Wars Brings in Ron Howard to Direct Han Solo

Star Wars has found their replacement for the directors who were fired from Han Solo, earlier this week.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired after they repeatedly clashed with the movie’s writer Lawrence Kasdan. 102 more words

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Han Solo on Hold After Directors Are Fired

Disney’s Han Solo film is currently on hold after both of the movie’s directors were fired.

Kathleen Kennedy fired both Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after the two repeatedly clashed with the movie’s writers. 119 more words

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2017 Movie #49: Raiders of the Lost Ark

When I was a child, my parents would take me to the library every week. I would always pick out a couple of movies on VHS (remember those?) to watch on the weekends, and inevitably there were certain movies that wound up in my rotation, movies that I would check out regularly and watch obsessively, movies that shaped me as a consumer of film and television. 641 more words