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Are Social Justice Atheists Systematically Deplatforming Lawrence Krauss?

It sure looks like the “Friendly Atheist” is going after New Atheist Lawrence Krauss.  When his blog originally linked to the Buzzfeed story, Hemant Mehta did more than simply draw attention to it.  1,002 more words

New Atheism

Quick Review: Salt and Fire

Director: Werner Hertzog

Starring Veronica Ferres, Michael Shannon Gael, Garcia Bernal

The movie has been classified as a “thriller”, and there are certainly very tense moments when Laura, head of a delegation of scientists, is abducted by a group of mysterious masked men. 416 more words

Here and Now? You Think So?

I just finished my Christmas blog and opened up Lawrence Krauss’s book “The Greatest Story Ever Told-So Far.” (Yes, I still like reading these books, seeing what scientists are selling. 605 more words


I Love You but You Didn't Do the Reading

Another week come and gone–here are some ILYBYGTH-themes headlines you might have missed:

Should colleges ban the laptop?

Trump Trump Trump! More news this week from the land of Lord Dampnut: 181 more words



In a telephone debate, available on Youtube, with an American Protestant pastor, a talk-show host for twenty-four years (HIS credentials), Lawrence Krauss (who has – but does not need to list – top scientific academic credentials) said : “Scientists don’t argue on credentials.”  I had patiently followed their dialogue of the deaf, until the preacher started spouting testimony from “academics” denying the Big Bang.  576 more words

No hope for the Global Atheist Convention: what went wrong?

The 2018 Global Atheist Convention, Reason to Hope, has been cancelled due to lack of interest. This is obviously a major blow and disappointment to the organisers, the… 1,228 more words