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Looking for a new saviour

Religion has been taking hits on all fronts recently. In Ireland we are known for drinking too much and being blindly devoted to God both of which is true but I think things are changing and in more ways than people think. 536 more words


Lawrence Krauss Needlessly Shreds His Credibility

Richard Dawkins sidekick, Lawrence Krauss, has been repeating Dawkins crackpot notions about child abuse and religion, this time with a twist:

Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss recently doubled down on his claim that teaching creationism to children was a form of child abuse during an appearance on the “The Weekly,” an Australian satirical TV news show.

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New Atheism

Back off Atheists, We Were Born This Way

Even though I run the risk of repeating an idea I have expanded on before, I just simply couldn’t help myself on this one. Due to some recent comments by noted atheist Lawrence Krauss, I felt it necessary to point out what may be a somewhat unnoticed inconsistency in the worldview of such people. 716 more words

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Teach kids to think and question!

“Education is far less about a set of facts than a way of thinking,” says the professor and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss. “And therefore what I always think should be the basis of education is not answers but questions.”

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What's On My Shelf? (Part 2)

This is part two of a tour around the bookshelves of my wife and I, continuing with our books of science and math and our Simpson’s Lego. 1,142 more words


Jesus Christ, Narcissist?


Bob doesn’t care about what other people might say or think of him. He knows that he can sing, even when the different juries of… 8,588 more words

René Girard

Lawrence Krauss: Teaching Children Creationism Is Child Abuse

Source: Patheos

Author:Michael Stone

Emphasis Mine

Taking a stand for kids, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss argues teaching children

is a form of child abuse.

Krauss, appearing on the “The Weekly,” an Australian satirical TV news show, stressed… 562 more words