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John Lennox is my hero!

I promise this will be my last Unbelievable?-related post for a while. In this episode, Oxford mathematics professor and apologist John Lennox debates atheist Lawrence Krauss, a physics professor at Arizona State University. 149 more words

The impasse in naive empiricism.

I feel that attacking naive empiricism, i.e. empiricism held by the average proponent of science (read: layman) is called for. Far too many people are turning “science” into “scientism” without critically assessing their own views. 631 more words


Lawrence Krauss likes appealing to nature and dislikes deductive logic

In the last few years, Lawrence Krauss has received a fair amount of criticism for his supremely ignorant remarks about philosophy, but it seems his other elementary mistakes have gone relatively unnoticed (let’s be fair, those mistakes stem from his ignorance of philosophy). 641 more words


"Everything Happened all by Itself"?

“Atheists believe everything happened by itself” is not an uncommon accusation to be fired at atheists. I recently watched a video on how internet memes spread, so I have a vague concept of how that sort of considerable misinformation spreads so rapidly. 850 more words

Video: The Origins Project

The Origins Project is one of my favorite science projects out there. Not only it is led by Lawrence Krauss, it also organizes the best debates with intriguing participants and their great minds about the most fundamental questions such as, who are we? 28 more words


Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins on real uses for science fiction in physics and biology: "Does the soul go to heaven?"

Het Denkgelag
A Passion for Science and Reason
Antwerp, January 26 2015

Excerpts from their conversation below:

Krauss: That’s why I often use science fiction in teaching physics… it’s such a… storehouse of things that are wrong… and, uh, it’s great because you grow up thinking these things, and then you remember it. 876 more words

Tomorrow Is Yesterday Physicist Stephen Hawking once postulated...

Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Physicist Stephen Hawking once postulated that time travel must be impossible. If that were not the case, we would be inundated with tourists from the future.

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