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magic once said, about his brother science: he likes it hard~

watching the latest Joe rogan podcast, the physicist.:

i’m trying really hard not to be a arrogant cuntface here, but these goddamn scientist cranks are fucking asking for it. 298 more words


Evidence against the big bang -- new video

A new video has been released by Real Science Radio (RSR), and available in DVD, Download, and Blu-ray formats! I recommend you buy and watch it. 359 more words


Revelation 12 - The End is Nigh!

As Doomsday Draws Near And The Devil Seeks To Swallow Us Up, The Only Answer Is In Jesus

“Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” board members Thomas Pickering, David Titley and chairman Lawrence Krauss revealed that the minute hand of their “Doomsday Clock” has been moved forward by 30 seconds to a more ominous 2-1/2 minutes from midnight.Reuters… 1,272 more words

Christian Today

My Brief Interview With Professor Krauss

Professor Lawrence M Krauss graciously agreed to answer a few questions for me on his thoughts about some things Robert Oppenheimer wrote. Here are the first few. 1,175 more words

Los Alamos

Donald Trump’s War on Science

Source: NewYorker

Author: Prof. Lawrence M. Krauss

Emphasis Mine

Last week, the Space, Science, and Technology subcommittee of the House of Representatives tweeted a misleading story from Breitbart News: “Global Temperatures Plunge. 1,950 more words

Letters from 2026: Underground

(This is the fourth letter I received from Lawrence Krauss. Click here to start from the beginning.)

August 16, 2026

Dear Friend: 549 more words

Donald Trump