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The Beginning of the Universe

This is no longer a subject for Philosophers, nor Theologians. In fact, the title of the subject has changed as well; no longer is it a question of… 253 more words


A Fabulous Compilation

The YouTube account Agatan Fnd has spent the last year or so publishing compilations taken from speeches, debates and interviews with prominent non believers. Normally they’re entered around pithy remarks and witty comebacks (Christopher Hitchens filled ten compilations and they’re glorious). 172 more words

Radical Atheism

Jerry Coyne To Feser: Shutup, Because I Lack the Cranial Capacity To Understand What You're Saying.

And he does. Which he has proven time and time again; and has, unsurprisingly, furnished us with more evidence of it:

In defense of Lawrence Krauss’s latest piece of intellectual self-immolation, Jerry argues: … 359 more words


Ben Carson has traded in his #SCIENCE credentials for ANTI-SCIENCE credentials. And become the punchline for a neurosurgeon joke...

You might assume that a famous neurosurgeon would be well informed on medical and scientific topics. But if you assume this about potential Republican Presidential candidate Ben Carson, you would be horribly wrong. 289 more words