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.@piper_center @ASU hosts climate-change dialogue with @ElizKolbert on 10/19 10/20

Extinction—and not of the legal profession—will be the topic of some important conversations this week.

Typically, I offer nonlegal items on Fridays, when Change of Venue… 314 more words

Legal Events

The Stars Died So That You Could Be Here Today.

“Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. 114 more words


How I got this awesome picture with Richard Dawkins

In 2009  I was a laid-off journalist with a few dollars and an interest in science so I headed out to west to the inaugural University of Arizona  550 more words


From Nautilus: "How Much More Can We Learn About the Universe?" Lawrence M. Krauss


September 1, 2016
Lawrence M. Krauss

Jackie Ferrentino

As a cosmologist, some of the questions I hear most frequently after a lecture include: What lies beyond our universe? 2,065 more words

Basic Research

God a Baby Killer???

We as followers of Jesus are reassured by the opposition party that our God is a baby killer.  There are many atheistic and skeptic blogs that sing the same song, ‘God is a killer (of innocent people).’ 1  Steve Wells discusses it in his book, ‘Drunk with Blood.’ 2  As they get their information about God from the Bible, we have no other option than to use the Bible to find out if it is true.  430 more words


The Fallacy of "Supernatural"

Mehran Banaei

How many times have neo-atheists like Lawrence Krauss vociferously stated: “We don’t believe in any supernatural shenanigans?” In an attempt to refute the notion of the First Cause, Krauss ubiquitously refers to the Big Bang Originator as a “supernatural shenanigan”, hoping to convince his audience that it is science which leads to disbelief in a caused universe. 1,281 more words

Philosophy Of Science And Religion