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STEM revolucija i Novi ateizam - što je u pozadini modernog prosvjetiteljstva

Dvije moderne tendencije, STEM revolucija i Novi ateizam (New Atheism), kako ga nazivaju, povezani su, ako ne i orkestrirani procesi koji za cilj imaju konačno napuštanje vjere u Boga. 875 more words


A Universe from Nothing

So, particle physicists and cosmologists are theorizing that there are infinitesimal universes popping into and out of existence all the time and that these universes are occurring from nothing: no space, no particles, no gravitational fields, no electro-magnetism, no laws of nature: nada, zero. 155 more words


The twilight of the skeptics

A few years ago, I was working on an idea for a story—still unrealized—that required a sidelong look at the problem of free will. As part of my research, I picked up a copy of… 1,254 more words


John Safran ≠ Lawrence Krauss

I registered for the upcoming Think Inc. event Science in the Soul, which will be in Melbourne this coming Saturday night. It was to be a conversation between Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins. 764 more words


What Kind of World would Convince us that Atheism is True?

“What kind of world would convince you that there is no God?”

This is a question posed a while back by atheist Jerry Coyne and one that pops up once in a while in debates on theism vs atheism.

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Stephen Hawking: Brilliant Scientist or Cosmic Orphan, Part 2. (The Heavy Hitters of Science disagree.)

“The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you” Werner Karl 

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