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Letters from 2026: An Unexpected Ally

(This is the third letter I received from Lawrence Krauss. Click here to start from the beginning.)

August 15, 2026

Dear Friend: 665 more words


John Lennox Answering Atheist Objections and Fallacies

Dr. John Lennox. The man I hold in deep respect exposes the problems with the (New) Atheism.

His book “God’s Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?” is a wonderful read as well as his other publications and orations.

God Bless,

Brian Mason

Letters from 2026: An Interview with the President

(This is the second letter I received from Lawrence Krauss. Click here to see the first.)

August 13, 2026

Dear Friend (if indeed anyone is receiving my letters): 804 more words


Letters from 2026: A Desperate Lawrence Krauss

Imagine my surprise back in September when I found a letter from Lawrence Krauss (the theoretical physicist) in my mailbox. I was pretty excited at first, but then I quickly realized that it couldn’t really be from him. 827 more words


Conversation: Inconvenient Truths - From Love to Extinctions

This panel consisted of writer Elizabeth Kolbert, publisher of Skeptic Magazine Michael Shermer and professor and archaeologist Curtis Marean.

Kolbert talked about species that have gone or are near extinction; very informative, archaeoligist Marean discussed the evolution of man and how they migrated and populated the earth. 86 more words

Lawrence Krauss

Political Bodies; Sex, Gender and Reproductive Rights

This was an excellent dialogue. Two of the panelists were Transgender and they had some very powerful stories to tell. The fact that Lawrence Krauss is socially aware in areas that don’t intersect with science speaks volumes to his character. 35 more words

Lawrence Krauss

Mariette DiChristina and Lawrence Krauss

Mariette DiChristina is the editor of Scientific Magazine and it seems a good friend of Krauss’. She was interesting and funny, though she doesn’t have a scientific background, which actually makes her more appealing to us average Joe’s, she has a good grasp of scientific knowledge and she is a logical thinker as well as an experienced journalist. 60 more words

Lawrence Krauss