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The Great Debate: Dr. Greg Bahnsen vs. Dr. Gordon Stein

The following debate about the existence of God between the atheist Gordon Stein and Christian apologist, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, is excellent and worthy of any Christian’s attention to the arguments offered in defense of biblical Christian theism. Blessings.

Cornelius Van Til

Logical response

Greg Bahnsen was debating a hostile atheist in a university in California. The man asked a question that was a great blunder.
“Is your God invisible and immaterial?” 46 more words


A Conversation With an Unbeliever

The following conversation is inspired by true events — mostly conversations with unbelievers on Facebook. It’s not representative of any single person, but it’s a combination of many different conversations distilled into one that’s representative of the general content of the unbeliever’s arguments and reasoning process.  5,078 more words


A Response to KnownNoMore's Video: Sye Ten Bruggencate's Presuppositional Apologetics Refuted - Part 3: Logic without God

This is the third part of refutation of a video posted by KnownNoMore in response to the transcendental argument for God.  In this section, we will examine KnownNoMore’s response to the argument that the laws of logic cannot be justified in the atheist’s worldview.   919 more words

William Lane Craig lectures on the postmodern challenge to belief in God

In a lecture entitled “Are there Objective Truths About God?”, philosopher William Lane Craig responds to postmodern challenges to the idea of truth, and specifically to the idea that religion is about objective truth. 1,063 more words

William Lane Craig

Greg Koukl explains how to be a consistent moral relativist

The absolute easiest way to get into a good apologetics conversation with someone is to ask them what makes something right or wrong on their view. 599 more words


Logical Gal extols Excluded Middle Law

Tools are for the using.  And I was reminded yesterday, listening to a discussion, how helpful the laws of logic can be!

The conversation centered on the origins of the universe.   470 more words