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The Fundamental Laws of Logic

When I tell people that I teach logic at a classical school, I often get a look and a recurrent phrase that goes something like “I don’t think I could ever learn that because that sounds out of my league!” While some subjects are harder than others to understand, logic has the ability to be easy to learn because we all participate in some form of logical or illogical thought patterns everyday. 505 more words


William Lane Craig asks: are there objective truths about God?

In a lecture entitled “Are there Objective Truths About God?”, philosopher William Lane Craig discusses the problem that Christians face when they make truth claims about God to non-Christians.  1,119 more words

William Lane Craig

Abstract Laws

Just a quick note. This morning I was engaged in a conversation with one of my high school students at the local Christian school regarding a research paper which he presented refuting naturalistic materialism. 187 more words


Logic Miniseries: Part 1 - The Laws of Logic

Have you ever defended your faith?  If not faith, a controversial topic (e.g. gun laws, abortion, death penalty, etc.)?  More than likely, you have (at least I hope you have at this point in your life).  1,165 more words

Defending The Faith

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? A logical thought

Recently, a nuanced discussion about the nature of God caused me to think and think again.  Nothing wrong with that.

I’ve always reasoned that Christians worship a God different from that of Muslims.   609 more words


Atheists Already Believe in an Immaterial, Unchanging Thing

Many atheists will say that science and religion are in conflict. Even if that’s the case, so what? It has no bearing on whether either of them is true. 168 more words

A Prime Example Of The Dillahunty Dodge

As Tim Hurd of the “Bible Thumping Wingnut” proposes….”Is this the best that atheism has to say?” Matt Dillahunty who goes out on the debate trail for a fee, will not debate Matt Slick! 33 more words