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When does a protest go too far?

Arrested, strip searched and sentenced to two years in prison. You wouldn’t expect this sort of  treatment just because you peacefully prayed inside an office, would you? 986 more words


Living Right

Reading: Psalm 119: 137-144

The psalmist declares that God’s righteousness lasts forever. Because of this, all of God’s laws and ways are also righteous. Since God’s laws and ways are always righteous, we should ever seek to understand and live out God’s statutes and precepts. 327 more words

Nature never breaks her own laws.


What is the difference between a porn star and a prostitute?

It sounds like the beginning of a crude joke but I’m serious. A porn star performs sex acts for money in front of a camera. A prostitute performs sex acts for money in private. 433 more words

Report: Most guns used in NY crimes bought in other states

NEW YORK (AP) — New York’s attorney general says an analysis of 52,915 guns used to commit crimes statewide shows that three-quarters of them were originally purchased in another state. 102 more words


If voting ID laws are racist so are these things you need ID for

There is a lot of Things you need a State Issued photo ID for so if Photo ID’s are racist then so are these.

1) You need photo ID to buy alcohol… 367 more words

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