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What's That Number Everyone's Writing on Their Hands?

By Joan Eberhardt

Talk to the Hand About Medical Cannabis

Folks are posting photos of their hand with the number 6630507 written on them, but what’s up with that? 611 more words


Business - Doing Business in the Bathroom

In recent times people have been talking about bathrooms in public places. People with specific equipment belong in specific bathrooms or people with different thoughts of self belong in specific bathrooms. 322 more words


Price of Freedom - One-Liner Wednesday

“Too much freedom leads to chaos.” ~ unknown

This post is for One-Liner Wednesday, hosted by LindaGhill.


Not a Good Sign...

Literally. This is blog about signs. Like, the ones you see while driving. Yeah. I know. I don’t care who I piss off at this point. 782 more words

Dogs--the new cigarette?

When I was a kid, the family dog was in the backyard and cigarettes were found everywhere. Today, dogs are everywhere and smokers are banned to their backyard. 795 more words


I Beg To Differ

Photo by Stuart Miles. Published on 26 August 2011
Stock photo – Image ID: 10054899

I think we must be aware of the fact that we all have different perceptions. 431 more words