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Sodomy and Strategy

Social media is agog with the claim that Michigan lawmakers are considering a bill to ban anal and oral sex, aka sodomy. Here I explain two things. 673 more words


What it feels like to be degraded.

We spoke to a lawyer today, who told us the three paths that we can take in order for me to immigrate here to the US. 296 more words



On 1st February 2016, Ministry of Corporate Affairs uploaded the report of Companies Law Committee on its website here. In second post on this report, we will discuss recommendations of the committee related to Auditors, Directors, Independent Directors, etc. 996 more words

Governance And Responsibility

Don’t Give a Damn About the TPP? You’re Going to Wish It Gave a Damn About You.

“…TPP, can sue governments if our laws interfere with their expected profits. So if we pass a law that basically provides protection of the environment in some way, maybe we ban fracking. 1,351 more words

The International Reporter

Nasty Meat

By, Cole

The Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906 was one of the most important acts in the food industry. The Meat Inspection Act came up due to the conditions in the meat packing industry that were detailed in Upton Sinclair’s 1906 novel. 146 more words

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