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HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Calls Out the Tech Industry's Thin Skin

The timing of the sixth episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley show couldn’t be any more perfect.

After a tech news blog publishes a scathing report about Gavin Belson, the CEO of the show’s Google-like company, scrubbing all online mentions of a failed company project, Belson turns to litigation to exact revenge. 835 more words


The "Biggest Loser" is the one that gives up.

The “Biggest Loser” is back in the news for all sorts of allegations, lawsuits, and what many feel is taking advantage of people that have lost their will to get better. 522 more words


The PLCAA v. the parents of Sandy Hook

It is time to poke a hole in another balloon that’s popular among gun control fans.

Repeal of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) has become another cause du jour. 1,189 more words


Copyright questions remain after Google’s fair use victory — TechCrunch

If you didn’t already know the jury’s decision in Oracle’s long-running lawsuit against Google, you wouldn’t have been able to guess it from looking at either company’s legal team yesterday.

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Is Facebook Trying To Scuttle Facial-Recognition Lawsuit By Changing Illinois Law?

Earlier this month, a federal court gave the go-ahead to a lawsuit alleging that Facebook’s photo-scanning, facial-recognition feature violated Illinois state law. Having lost that legal battle, it looks like Facebook may be trying to get out of the lawsuit by simply changing that Illinois law. 557 more words

Bulldog tenacity of West Monroe newspaper raises questions of Attorney General's conflict of interests in 4th JDC probe

Editor’s note: Just when you think good, old-fashioned investigative reporting has gone the way of LINOTYPE MACHINES and hot lead typesetting, the Baton Rouge Advocate… 3,296 more words


Peter Thiel proves Silicon Valley only hates lawsuits when it's the one getting sued

Silicon Valley purports to hate the legal system. To hear the tech world tell it, lawyers are leeches and regulations are mostly outdated. Lawsuits stifle innovation and waste money that startups could better spend developing products and recruiting more users, thereby making the world a better place. 829 more words