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A$AP Mob Sued Because Of Their Bonkers Live Show

Anyone who’s seen A$AP Mob perform in person knows the Harlem crew’s sets are wily and rambunctious. That’s part of the fun seeing them live: Knowing Rocky, Ferg, and co. 306 more words


Tribal water compact moving through Montana legislature

MONTANA – On Feb. 16, in a Montana Senate hearing in Helena, legislators listened for over five hours as more than 200 people testified on the Salish and Kootenai tribes’ last chance to pass what may be the most important water rights compact in Montana history. 177 more words


Movie Review - "Welcome to New York" - Abel Ferrara Returns to the Scuzzy Side of the Street

Prostitution has too often been used as a metaphor for capitalism, when it would be more suitably applied to the rich and powerful of any political persuasion. 694 more words

Philadelphia Police Pay $11.1 For Wrongful Shootings

I was reading this article with a list of wrongful shooting lawsuits settled by the state. “Good,” you say, “Make them pay.” As if this is justice. 363 more words


A reason for lawyers to love mediation . . .

. . . and for clients to be wary. A California court has held that an attorney cannot be liable to a client whom he gave bad advice during a mediation. 221 more words

Looking Past Cardinal Dolan's Hearty Smile

In Rome, Vatican watchers like to say that the institutional Catholic Church measures time not with a clock, but with a calendar, and that its memory is as durable as the records in its archives, where Galileo’s signature, preserved in the documents from his famous trial, looks like it was penned yesterday. 607 more words


HMO Must Pay $28M For Delaying MRI That Could Have Saved Cancer Patient's Leg

Back in 2009, a then 17-year-old woman in California visited a Kaiser Permanente office because she was experiencing strange back pain. In the months that followed, she and her mother say they repeatedly requested an MRI but Kaiser doctors would only tell her to lose weight or get acupuncture treatments. 309 more words