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Independent Contractor Lawsuits and Litigation

There are legal requirements that are specific and must be met satisfactorily for someone to be considered an independent contractor. We have experience in consulting and defending businesses and companies in this area. 79 more words

GM Loses Fight To Keep Ignition-Defect Documents From Going Public

General Motors, which has acknowledged being responsible for more than 100 deaths because of its failure to recall vehicles with a known defect in the ignition switch, doesn’t want the public to see documents turned up as part of an ongoing lawsuit. 829 more words


Another former St. Paul Boy Scout sues, alleging sexual abuse by former troop leader

Another Minnesota man is suing the Boy Scouts of America and the Minnesota Scout council, alleging he was sexually abused 40 years ago by a Scout leader. 546 more words


What Can Walter Palmer Be Charged With?

Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, allegedly bribed park officials with $55,000 to hunt down and kill Cecil the Lion at Hwange National Park. Cecil was found beheaded and skinned on the outskirts of the Hwange national park, authorities said. 489 more words


Filmmakers Claim To Have Conclusive Proof Against "Happy Birthday" Copyright Claim

“Happy Birthday” (aka “Happy Birthday To You”) may be sung millions of times a day at birthday bashes around the world, but putting it in a movie or recording a version of the brief ditty will set you back some money for royalties to Warner Music Group, which has long claimed to hold the copyright for the song. 489 more words