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Trump Is Threatening The Creator Of 'Bloom County' Over A Facebook Meme [UPDATED]

Being President is a busy job. The American government is absurdly complicated, something Donald Trump is discovering by experience. But that doesn’t mean he won’t take personal time. 391 more words


Customer Accuses Chipotle Of Covering Up For Manager Who Put Spy Cam In Bathroom

A woman in Texas claims that not only did a manager at her local Chipotle repeatedly install spy cameras in the restaurant’s female restroom, but that the restaurant and its corporate office covered up the peeping; a charge the Chipotle HQ denies. 722 more words

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Feds Shut Down Alleged Scam Promising Student Loan Relief & Forgiveness

A federal court has shut down a Florida-based operation that charged customers $1,200 up front and $50/month with allegedly false promises of getting their student loan payments reduced or forgiven, sometimes in the impossible timeframe of only three years. 613 more words

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Appeals Court Hears Arguments For, Against Letting President Fire Consumer Protection Chief

For the second time in a year, judges of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit have heard arguments about the constitutionality of the structure of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 1,499 more words

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Lucille Roberts' Ban On Working Out In Skirts Is Not Religious Discrimination, Says Judge

The Lucille Roberts chain of gyms did not discriminate against an observant Jewish member by refusing to let her work out in a skirt, says a federal court judge in dismissing the woman’s civil rights lawsuit. 411 more words


Wikipedia can pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: U.S. appeals court (Reuters)

Reuters: Wikipedia can pursue NSA surveillance lawsuit: U.S. appeals court. “A federal appeals court on Tuesday revived a Wikipedia lawsuit that challenges a U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) program of mass online surveillance, and claims that the government unconstitutionally invades people’s privacy rights.”

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