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Is It Too Risky to SLAPP Back?

Your client got hit with a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) suit, i.e., a suit with a cause of action based on your client’s act in furtherance of a the constitutional right of petition or free speech in connection with a public issue. 431 more words

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When All Else Fails, Sue The Bastard!

I close my posting day with a piece about our continuous wars and how could we stop the insanity…..

Some of us bloggers have been bad mouthing Obama and his predecessor, GW for going to war without getting the approval of the US Congress….personally, I do not think that American troops should be used unless absolutely necessary….going to war is just an easy option….it takes little thought and even less conscience. 406 more words

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Disorder in the Court! Guest columnist Ken Booth reveals disturbing occurences that taint several judges of 4th JDC

Below is a guest column by retired investigative reporter Ken Booth, formerly of Monroe and KNOE-TV but now living in sun-drenched retirement in Arizona.

A bit of explanation for this column is in order. 2,425 more words


Lawsuit Accuses Chicago-Area Dunkin’ Donuts Franchisee Of Wage Theft

When it comes to wage theft, it isn’t always so cut and dry as not paying someone what you promised them. One lawsuit out of Illinois accuses a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee with more than a dozen locations in the Chicago area of stiffing employees by forcing them to pay for cash register shortages and manipulating time sheets so as to get out of paying overtime. 271 more words

Two Warriors Walk into the Bar...

It’s not so much that truth is stranger than fiction, it’s that no matter how strange the truth is, you have to believe it–because it’s the truth. 476 more words