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'Anonymous' Messaging Apps Not Anonymous: Threats Will Get You Arrested

No, you cannot make threats online, and threats in games are not fine. You can’t threaten presidents on Twitter, and Snapchat threats aren’t any fitter. Your Facebook threats are not low-key, even if they’re done with emojis. 33 more words

Top 10 Tax Law Questions

If Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, Tax Season is the most less-wonderful and slightly stressful time of the year. And unless you’ve got a big return coming, you’re probably delaying your tax filing as long as possible. 32 more words

Proposed Lunch Meeting at Hooters Leads to Retaliation Lawsuit

A recently filed lawsuit that involves the Hooters restaurant chain, sex discrimination, and retaliation, has been making headlines. But unlike the discrimination and retaliation lawsuits against Hooters we’ve become accustomed to seeing as a result of the adult entertainment aspect of the establishment, the restaurant isn’t actually being sued…… 21 more words

Hospital Sued for Deaths Linked to Mold Outbreak

You’d like to think that a hospital would be one of the most clean, sterile environments around, considering it is where so many people go to get treatment for infections. 41 more words

Regulation Harms Business, Except When It Doesn’t

In February 2017, President Trump approved action taken by congressional Republicans to repeal regulation affecting energy companies that conduct business in the United States.
Regulation Harms Business, Except When It Doesn’t… 6 more words

Disability Lawyers

Non-Sequiturs: 02.24.17

* Big scoop: here’s what Merrick Garland is really up to. [Clickhole]

* “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.” …and other lies the president told me. 100 more words

Disability Lawyers