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Changes needed

I just have to share today’s post from the great My Shingle blog by Carolyn Elefant. She simultaneously criticizes state bar associations’ potential overreach in regulating non-legal service providers, dismisses many of those providers as tech companies promising a lot more than they’re delivering, and provides a platform that would enable solos and small firms to better compete with these new service providers. 174 more words

In The News

Mr. Goose

Mr. Goose

by L. Stewart Marsden

The other day I had an experience that reminded me how rude those in positions of authority can be when they wield such power. 516 more words


Celebrating Failure

You may have already read the story about Johannes Haushofer, a Princeton professor who published his CV of failures earlier this week.

Most of us have the tendency to share publicly only the sanitized, neat parts of our lives. 1,302 more words


Tarboro-grown lawyer now prominent NC leader, delivering access to justice

And now it’s time for a word from our sponsor.

Our sponsor (indirectly anyway) is the North Carolina legal system.

Unhappily, it has come upon some hard times in recent years. 393 more words

The Case of Somm vs The People

The Layman’s Guide To Ordering Wine

By Kat Thomas

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I know the look. The head drops, eye contact is avoided and the body language starts to build a fortress around the… 1,843 more words

Why would Investors get involved in Litigation Funding ?

Litigation funding involves a lot of different people as lawyers, litigant, investors, random people donating.
Invest4Justice wanted to create a platform where all of these actors could gather, and communicate much more easily. 21 more words

Giant Flaming Elephants

There are a few giant flaming elephants roaming around our communities.  Some have been recognized for what they are, yet they continue marching about in flames.  1,942 more words