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Street Lawyers to the Rescue!

Nobody gives much thought about the homeless. Nobody really cares about them and their lives on the streets, until they face any incident involving the homeless. 319 more words

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So, what exactly are you getting sued for again? (Hint, it's not for being old and ugly)

Happy weekend!!!  My goal is to have a deeper understanding of the 112 page complaint, because holy crap is it confusing. A year later, this document makes scooping cat litter sound like a vacation. 1,022 more words


Lawyers Melbourne

When you have really found in a situation where you join difficulty struggling with the legislation by yourself. Never mind if you’re vertical or responsible, you have to discover a Victoria Attorney, who’s educated enough to represent you and qualified. 407 more words


Divorce Attorney Houston

Contact Divorce Attorney Houston To Protect Your Best Interests

If for any reason you are not happy in your marriage and cannot sustain the relationship any further there is no point in prolonging the conflicts and making your life miserable. 401 more words


And now the battle begins!

Had a really good counselling session and, despite the tears that flowed, felt underlying issues are being exposed.  I’ve spent a lot of time questioning myself: … 1,428 more words

Working Novel "Until Proven:" You Can't Make This Stuff Up [Creative Non-fiction, that is]

Until Proven deals with an extremely controversial topic. That controversy, combined with the fact that the case is still ongoing, keeps Houghton Forrest from revealing to most people even the most basic details of the incident. 441 more words