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New York City Medical Malpractice Lawyers: On Fatal Pharmacy Errors

“Last February, NBC New York’s I-Team conducted an investigation on incorrect prescriptions and found disturbing results. There’s no concrete system in place to track pharmacy errors. 60 more words

Winnipeg Family Law Lawyer Critically Injured in Bomb Explosion

Earlier today a bomb exploded at Winnipeg family law firm, Petersen King. The National Post reports that lawyer Maria Mitousis, age 35, is the only victim and has lost a hand in the blast. 292 more words

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5 Steps to File a No-Fault Divorce

No-fault divorce just means that the spouses are not accusing each other of doing anything wrong to end the marriage. This is different from an uncontested divorce, in which the spouses offer no legal opposition to the divorce, but there is still less to contest in a no-fault divorce. 257 more words

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Petitioning for Child Custody

When a parent elects to petition for child custody, they may not always know where to begin the process. Custody of a child usually guarantees the parent the right to care for and make decisions for the minor child. 431 more words


The Importance of Witness Statements in a Car Accident

If you are in car accident insurance claim or lawsuit, you will need all of the evidence you can to support your claims about injuries and property damage. 308 more words

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The Benefit of Going to Law and the lawyer's fee

Poor Richard’s wisdom on The Benefit of Going to Law was cited recently by Peggy Britt at The Ipsa Group. (The Ipsa Group is a North Carolina attorney placement group whose placements “speak for themselves.”) 140 more words

New York Birth Injury Lawyers to Tackle Developmental Delay Fallout

Every child needs all the care and resources their parents can provide so they can learn new skills and talents at an early age. When they have more problems trying to comprehend information than other children their age, however, evaluation by licensed medical practitioners might reveal that the delays came as a result of birth injuries. 109 more words