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Across the Great Divide - Chapter Seventeen

‘WHAT IS THE MEANING of this?’ he said, breathless from climbing the stairs.

‘The worst meaning you can imagine and it will still be short of the mark,’ said Olu.  1,119 more words

18th Century Crime Fiction

How to Hire the Right People As a Professional With a Private Practice

The idea of HR is totally over the heads of most very small practices.

The idea of well trained staff and the idea that employees can be a blessing and not a curse is the backbone to expansion in almost any service-based industry. 1,215 more words

Human Resources

A Lawyer Hiring Process- What You Need To Know

There are many ways you can hire a lawyer for any kind of family or business disputes. One thing that you need to understand is that you need to hire the lawyer as soon as possible to win some brownie points in the court proceedings before your opponent. 130 more words


Jurisprudence is...

Jurisprudence can be defined as The branch of philosophy concerned with the law and the principles that lead courts to make the decisions . It is The collection of rules imposed by authority.


The Mystery of the Philadelphia Lawyer: Part I

I am taking a short break this week from the Schoenthal story to return to a mystery I discovered in the Nusbaum family line. Back in… 1,844 more words


The infinite silliness of the human race

Today it is cold, grey, wet and windy so I needed something to lift my pre-Christmas flagging spirits. Because anything straight in the vein is frowned on this early on a Monday morning in the office, I took refuge in the infinite silliness of the human race. 592 more words

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