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Top 10 foods to make you poop every day

I apologize for being MIA lately, if you follow me on instagram (@how_to_eat_RD) you know we’re in the process of moving and that it’s totally crazy! 2,031 more words


Failed my last post 

I wasn’t going binge tonight.. But my impulse self stopped by Taco Bell on my way home from dropping off a coworker.. Spend $25 😣 that’s half what I made 😣.. 190 more words


Not the Day I'd planned

I’m home now.

Thanks to my freakout last night, I showed up at treatment this morning sick, weak, tired, and severely dehydrated.

When I arrived, I had to strip down and put on a sheer hospital gown, do a couple jumping jacks, and get weighed. 208 more words

Bulimia Rocks! /sarcasm

My Thoughts on Teatox

I have recently discovered the ‘NEW’ weight loss or detox called teatox. As always I was first sceptical about weather or not it actually works, so I looked into it little deeper. 439 more words


Lax Attack

So I wanted to share with you all my experiences of using laxatives. It’s something many bulimics do and I feel like we all have different experiences using them. 335 more words


So, 2015 has been an absolute Pandora’s box of stresses, triggers and emotions. Which has played absolute havoc with my mind, body and behaviours. With the new year, I said goodbye to restricting and hello to “binging” and purging (I say binging but actually in hindsight it probably wasn’t – more like eating due to survival instinct). 340 more words

Falling down the toilet bowl

…….Similar to falling down the rabbit hole

I’m talking shit, and specifically life when the poo* pills become your friend.

*Laxatives….for them that dont know… 909 more words

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