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Natural - (herbal) Laxatives

Barberry, bark, fruits (Berberis vulgaris, Berberidaceae). Uses: tonic, laxative, refrigerant, antiseptic, stomachic. Const: berberine.

Cascara sagrada, bark (Rhamnus purshiana, Rhamnaceae). Uses: bitter tonic, strong laxative. Const: anthraquinone glycosides. 246 more words


Why blog?

For me, writing a blog is my way of finding answers to my questions and organising my thoughts, all centered around the subject healthy living and wellness. 211 more words


Feeling constipated? Check your diet, Speak to your Pharmacist

Can’t get your bowels moving? You may be suffering from constipation. At one time or another, we all have been caught in a compromising position in the bathroom where we feel bloated and gassy but can’t move our bowels once we plop on the toilet. 922 more words

In The News...!!!

Surviving major surgery, Part 2: “C” that shall not be named

One could say the trouble started when Lorena Smedley died, and, since I was just over a week post-op, I wasn’t able to walk down the stairs to give her a proper burial in the backyard. 1,779 more words


blasting throat

Have a cold? Can’t keep your throat from blasting off? Take a laxative. You’ll be AFRAID to cough.


The Afternoon I Helped Sara Blizzard Prevent The Death Of An Elderly Spinster — With A Weathercock

It’s a rainy Bank Holiday Monday and everything is down in the world.

I know this in advance not because I am a God or a precogGod or a precogGodbarometeroid — it’s just that when it comes to all things climatic and predictive, I owe everything to Sara Blizzard, weathergirl incarnate. 1,260 more words

Flibbulatory Marscapone

Build character, with laxatives

ALL the morning he has been touchy and naughty, and now, to cap it all, he has used a very bad word. Whose fault is it?

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