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9 Things No One Tells Us About How Hard Recovering From Childbirth Is Going To Be

Pregnancy is all about eating right and how big your belly looks. But postpartum recovery poses serious challenges that no one ever talks about! Seriously, I am still pissed off with my mother and mother-in-law who didn’t say a word…NOT a word about this to me. 520 more words


Trouble in the Bathroom - Constipation

Let’s talk about constipation. It may be an embarrassing topic, but did you know that there’s a big vegetarian advantage when it comes to preventing and treating constipation, and some more serious colon health problems, that are so common in our meat-centered society? 421 more words



Wengi wetu tumewahi kupatwa na adha na usumbufu mkubwa wakati fulani maishani unaoletwa na maradhi ya ghafla ya tumbo.

Maradhi ya tumbo ni kielelezo cha hali mbalimbali kulingana na jinsia, lakini leo nitalenga sababu mojawapo inayoweza kuleta maradhi ya tumbo – USAFI WA KILE TUNACHOKULA. 350 more words


Benefits of Virechana Vati

“Sri Sri Ayurveda Virechana Vati” is a unique drug, consist of a wide range of ayurvedic herbs, which can be used as a remedy to get rid of constipation without any adverse effects. 176 more words

The Effects of Constipation

Digestive disorders are becoming more prevalent in other countries as westernized society spreads. Constipation is a serious health concern and, along with other digestive ailments, affects at least 1 out of 5 people in America. 339 more words

Digestive System

Postnatal Checks

Having been on obstetrics and gynaecology, I have had to do a fair few postnatal discharges as a resident.

These postnatal discharges are quite repetitive I must say, in that it’s always the same questions. 507 more words


Stomach Flu

Oh ya. I got it. And not the vomiting kind. The diarrhea kind.

And it hurt. So bad.

For 4 days I peed out my booty. 184 more words