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Lets talk about lax baby

It’s about time I write this post because there are some people who still think it’s a great idea to take laxatives as a means of losing weight quickly, to rid themselves of a ‘binge’ or to take control of their weight after months of yoyo dieting. 739 more words


First Post

Hi all!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog!

As you may know,I have previously battled with anorexia, bulimia and laxative addiction for over 10 years. 145 more words


I didn't forget

Hello again My Dear Readers! Well, I made it past the two day hump (It wasn’t easy), and I’m still as game as ever to share these sordid details of my bleak life with you for entertainment value! 495 more words


I just made a huge step toward recovery. I have been working with my nutritionist on tapering down my laxatives. Today was the last day I’m allowed laxatives. 92 more words


Literally shit myself. 

So I am basically having the worst fucking time.SOMEONE. I don’t know who, but SOMEONE at my fucking work told my fucking boss that I don’t fucking eat. 513 more words


The weekend and my first day

I spent the weekend with my brothers. We played Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday. My brother’s girlfriend played too. We had a lot of fun. After my youngest brother and his girlfriend went home, My other two brothers and I played video games and drank. 285 more words


Baby food and cigarettes.

As it turns out I didn’t get back to sleep after my almighty shit. Instead I just sat up (just gone 5AM) in bed with a lamp on, reading my book. 509 more words