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How Do Laxatives Work for Constipation?

Laxative are usually the first thing people think about when contemplating a remedy for constipation relief. Laxatives, however, only address the symptoms and not the underlying factors that bring about constipation. 445 more words

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At My Age

At my age, I take four prescription medications when I go to bed and four over-the-counter pills each morning. Dealing with constipation has been my biggest problem. 208 more words

Dear Doctor, I think I might be a bit bunged up!

Constipation is such a common problem, one that I hear about all the time. I think the biggest issue lies in the fact that British people really can’t talk about Poo! 773 more words

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IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome- What Can I Do About It?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (or IBS), is commonly characterized by lower abdominal pain and altered bowel function. Your colon motility- it’s ability to move waste through the digestive tract- has been compromised and tends to spasm by either moving food too fast through your digestive tract (diarrhea) or too slowly (constipation). 946 more words

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Laparoscopic Recovery 

When I first arrived home from the hospital, I didn’t feel that bad. It may be because the journey home had been so uncomfortable ; speed humps feel like medieval torture devices after abdominal surgery. 1,799 more words


In advance:

A hairball is defined as a small collection of hair or fur which is formed in the stomach of animals that is occasionally vomited up when it becomes too big. 1,588 more words


Is a Col Cleanse In fact Beneficial?

Do you require Colon Cleanse?

Colon cleansing (also referred to as colon treatment) incorporates a number of alternative medical treatments claimed to remove nonspecific toxic substances from the colon and digestive system. 611 more words