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Poetry or not?

I struggled, harder each day to fit
into a size i wasn’t meant for,
I tried, squeezing myself every
other way possible,
I starved myself at times, 94 more words



I’m still really struggling with binging and purging, though I did manage to cut down on the number of binges and purges a little today. That also means I was able to cut down a little on the amount of laxatives I took, since I take them after each time I purge. 81 more words


Bad Choices

I skipped work. I’ve never done that before. :'(

I’m too lazy to get dressed or leave the house. Therefore, I don’t have much to binge on. 181 more words

Mental Illness


I took too many laxatives this morning and I am dying. Not literally, thankfully. Unfortunately?

My stomach is cramping like crazy, I’m nauseous and vomiting, and I’ve shat myself, which is completely unpleasant.  23 more words


And the 'Majestic Purple Poop' award goes to...

MiraLAX… for boldly ‘going’ where no laxative has ‘gone’ before… showing an actual poo moving through the human body on a commercial that airs on national TV… okay, it is just a computer graphic of a poo, but still… 59 more words


Heed The Call (a poem of pooh)

Runner’s pooh is a quite righteous thing,
From down deep in the gut forcefully springs!
No holding it in by pinching ass cheeks,
Mighty insistent; know of what I speak. 121 more words