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Laxatives for weight loss, are they good for you?

Most people are trying to find a fast and hassle free of charge solution to shed weight, and lately laxatives to lose weight grew to become a well known option. 39 more words

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What even is tubulovillous?

At the end of my Colonoscopy last time, I was told that the large Polyp that had been removed would be sent away for URGENT testing, what with my family history and all! 539 more words


Constipated Man Robbed

you couldn’t make this shit up !

two women in California are on the run after stealing a man’s laxatives – http://tinyurl.com/yc3ml5vy


Smooth Move, Ex-Lax

An elderly San Francisco man had his schedule backed up after two women robbed him outside a subway station.

A pair of women attacked a 64-year-old man with pepper spray Thursday night near the Powell Street BART Station in San Francisco.

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Bulk Forming Laxatives Health Dangers

Bulk-forming laxatives are made from the dead fibers from plant sources, usually psyllium. Bulk laxatives work by increasing stool mass to the point the bowels force it out. 665 more words

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Are Herbal Colon Cleansers Safe?

Herbal colon cleansers are increasingly popular and many people believe botanical herbs are both harmless and extremely beneficial to support colon health conditions. In some cases, this is absolutely correct.  732 more words

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What Are Osmotic Laxatives?

Constipation is often associated with straining, hard stools, infrequent bowel movements, and feelings of incomplete evacuation. Ideally, relief can be obtained through dietary and lifestyle changes… 218 more words

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