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Victor Schukov: If you can afford it, I highly recommend being laid off

I recently celebrated my one-year anniversary of forced retirement after decades of disguise behind a business happy-face in the corporate trenches of engineering. They told me that they were downsizing, but I think that it was really because I was nearing 40 years of service and they wanted to save the expense of a gold watch. 417 more words

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Bloomberg plans to lay off 100 editorial employees

Bloomberg News is expected to lay off roughly 100 editorial employees in its New York and Washington, D.C., bureaus, according to a report in the… 98 more words


Zirtual ex-CEO: "I cry for all the employees we hurt"

First, let me start by telling you a story…

Over four years ago I moved to San Francisco from Reno, Nevada, with a backpacker’s pack and the burning desire to turn my blog’s side-business, virtual assistant matchmaking, into a “real” business. 722 more words


Analysis of the Labour Code on Industrial Relations Bill – Part IV

(Editor’s Note: This is fourth and final in a series of blog posts on the Labour Code on Industrial Relations Bill. Part I, II and II are  2,468 more words

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Capital One to Layoff Thousands of Workers

Capital One recently announced their plans for massive layoffs throughout the country. Workers in Virginia, Oregon, and South Dakota will be losing their jobs within two to three months. 381 more words


Microsoft is Killing the Ballmer Legacy

…but at this point, I don’t think Ballmer cares

I’ve been a huge Windows Mobile guy most of my writing career. I was an enthusiast when Windows 10 Mobile was WindowsCE back in 1990-blah-blah-blah. 90 more words

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Satya Nadella Memo: Microsoft Cutting 7,800 Jobs

Article written by Angela Hydes, Marketing and Content Contributor. Follow us at @TALGroup.

Microsoft will be cutting 7,800 jobs (6% of its workforce), according to a… 388 more words

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