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Get the right exposure in GIMP with 6 easy steps!

In photography, the difference between brightest and the darkest areas is known as dynamic range. Our camera cannot capture it as good as our eyes see when there are very bright and very dark coloured objects in our images. 700 more words


5 Awesome Layer Mask Tricks

Joshua Cripps will reveal or shall we say unmask, the awesome tricks in this 12m 28s tutorial video.

Layers Masks are awesome. They should be quite easy to learn. 149 more words


TKActions v4 Panel & Luminosity Masks

Complex masks can be easy to make

If you read my two earlier tutorials on luminosity masking, or have found articles and videos on the Internet, you probably have realized that using luminosity masks are, for the most part, an intermediate-level skill. 1,501 more words


Digitization System for Film Negatives and Slides (II)

The last post, Digitization System for Film Negatives and Slides (I), was dedicated to comment the oportunity to use a former photographic enlarger head as a part of a film digitization system by means of a digital camera. 1,274 more words


Themed Composition

My message for this banner ad was from a theme I keep hearing from my friend Emily. Emily is an event planner, who always says you should be a guest at your own event. 206 more words


Manipulating Images

Download Files


  • Download three images and combine in a unique way using Photoshop tools
  • Create a folder called “PSD Exercise 1” 
  • 36 more words
Advance Web Design

Themed Composition

Here is my completed project for this week.  We were able to choose our own theme, and make an eCard or an Ad banner. I decided to make an eCard, because that is just more fun. 312 more words