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Neural networks made easy

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If you’ve dug into any articles on artificial intelligence, you’ve almost certainly run into the term “neural network.” Modeled loosely on the human brain, artificial neural networks enable computers to learn from being fed data. 2,237 more words


Animated Gif Layer (2)

What do you think about layer manipulation, it’s really amazing. Without having to use Adobe photoshop. We can do it only through Android, a small mobile phone in your hand all you can do with your imagination.

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Deep Diving

Deep diving.. deep diving

all the way

in soul of our life

what exists?

god only knows..

Deep diving.. deep diving

all the way

in focus of our life… 56 more words

Rimutaka Ranges: Cumulus and Stratus

Taken over the Rimutaka ranges blanketed by fog on the morning of Tuesday 11th July, with the moon still visible in the top right corner. Higher above the stratus fog layer was an even layer of cumulus clouds, which had an almost dirty shade due to the murkiness caused by the fog.


Animated Gif Layer

What is Animated GIF? – Definition from Techopedia

Animated GIF

Definition – What does Animated GIF mean?

An animated GIF is an image encoded in graphics interchange format (GIF),which contains a number of images or frames in a single file and is described by its own graphic control extension. 213 more words


LAYER in Passions

I call this art “Layer in Passion” because, the background photo I want to use, sometimes I have to finish one photo over 8 hours, some in just 30 minutes. 143 more words