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The androgine

Yesterday night a group a dandies sat at our table
Noisy, beardy and shallow
All dressed up in excessive testosterone
In May all the hormones go wild… 412 more words

3D Wallpaper

3D wallpaper… what are your thoughts?

This design was created by Twenty2, and they called it, DEEP quite appropriately named.

But… for me, watching… 181 more words

Interior Design

Rockford Proposes Additional Legal Layer To Existing Use Laws On Private Property

Rather than re-invent the wheel, we’re going to take the rare step of connecting to an existing article in The Rock River Times. It outlines the apparent ‘fast-track’ movement of the enacting of a law that would require residents to register additional occupants of their home (i.e. 94 more words


Lazy about leftovers?

I meant to write last week about the spare risotto I had left. I always over-estimate quantities and who wants to eat duplicate meals for three or four days (at least once you’re more than five years old)? 240 more words


Vanilla Birthday Cake

Ooh, I do apologize for the double post – I got a bit trigger happy and hit ‘publish’ when I meant to hit ‘draft’ (Lol). Anyhoo, here’s a right doozy for you – a fluffy vanilla cake, just perfect for a birthday celebration! 637 more words