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Love of flowers

I’m moving from theme to theme, and from medium to medium, and loving it. Watercolor, oils, acrylic painting and mixed media; abstracts, flowers, animals, imaginary creatures and other subjects. 79 more words


Fashion Tips: Mastering the Art of Layering in the Summer

Okay, I know what you‘re thinking: “I’m starting to feel the summer heat coming in; why the heck is she talking about layering?”

Relax. I feel you. 554 more words


From the Diamond Sutra, new translation, Ch. 32.

Buddha continued:

“Subhuti, if anyone gave to the Buddha an immeasurable quantity of the seven treasures sufficient to fill the whole universe; and if another person, whether a man or woman, in seeking to attain complete Enlightenment were to earnestly and faithfully observe and study even a single section of this Sutra and explain it to others, the accumulated blessing and merit of that latter person would be far greater.” 104 more words



…I have no big plans. There are some loose thoughts about working with the camera, putting chains and ornaments on unfinished spinners, and feelings going out to my girlfriend who is currently tending her aging mother in California. 175 more words


Girl-On-The-Go! How to rock the'LAYERING' Trend!

From runway to street, ‘Layering’ is the perfect trend to follow in the cooler weather, not only is it practical, but it allows you to put your individual style twist to it! 498 more words


The mandascope...

…is my term for any mandala like design made by using a kaleidoscope filter. Anyone can do one with the right tools and I am aware the web is saturated with them. 28 more words


Filter fun...

Sometimes I just like to take a stock or taken photo and apply a bunch of filters to see where it will go. I find it relaxing and interesting. 53 more words