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Mixed vs Layered

Mixed paint is just taking colors and mixing them on them on the pallet before putting them on the canvas.  Layered paint is putting down one color.   147 more words


fashion friday: delicate necklaces

While my personal jewelry philosophy is bigger = better, some outfits are too busy or exciting enough on their own to merit a large bauble. That’s when I turn to a delicate necklace (or two). 26 more words

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Jewel of the day: RueGembon Maxine Necklace

From the large and in charge statement necklaces, the style pendulum has swung over to minimal and sleek. Sort of, if you don’t count the layering trend that snuck in. 21 more words


Think again Thursday #4 [how to layer wall art]

Today, I am here with another  post from none other than – the guestroom. These follow-up posts just don’t quit! Yes, I do realize I finished the… 843 more words

Bring Your Favorite Sundress into Fall

Whether it was from a mom or your grandmother, we have all heard some variation of “go change; you are going to freeze to death.”  But before you go reluctantly move your favorite summer dress to the back of the closet, let us show you some fabulous ways you can keep those dresses around for fall. 394 more words

Coming to the UK: My Travel Series Pt. 1 of Bundling up

    Words can’t describe the feeling I’m having now and how close this trip is for me. So, I wanted to share my thoughts, style and rebel ways of a go-getter to take over the world. 294 more words

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