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Dreams of Omission

Referencing some of the things I brought up last week, about where ideas come from, I took a moment to provide some final thoughts and a question; when writing (or creating in general) something very personal or tied to things you haven’t discussed with others before, how much do you share? 43 more words

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Layers, Part 7

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When I’d come in my dreams, I’d always assumed the blank spots, the skips that broke the sense of a cohesive narrative, would be resolved if I actually ever found the place. 1,368 more words

Working Conditions

Papyrus has layers (like parfait?)

The Papyrus layers functionality has been in incubation for a while, and some may be wondering what it’s all about:

The Layers mechanism allows to build different views of an underlying UML diagrams by applying selections rules as well as graphical transformation operators.

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Large sheets of ice may have been spotted on Mars

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Mars clearly had a watery past, and it’s expected that much of the water is still on the planet. Figuring out where the ice is hiding could tell us a lot about the planet’s climate history and something about Mars’ current water cycle. 673 more words


Layers, Part 6

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I moved to the door, nudging it the rest of the way open with my knuckles. The room beyond was the bathroom, fully decked out in yellow paisley wallpaper, antiseptic green tile, and baby-blue formica fixtures. 703 more words

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