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Pricing Strategies for Startups

Andreesen Horowitz recently covered pricing strategies for startups in two podcasts.

Part 1 (above) with Mark Cranney, Martin Casado and Scott Kupor

How should startups go about raising prices — or more specifically, creating… 60 more words


Photo Tip: Layer Your Landscapes

Photography is a tricky medium. With it, we are translating the 3D world into a 2D outcome. So how to you take a landscape, which has depth, and make a viewer see and feel dimension while looking at a flat screen or a flat photographic print? 419 more words


Cooking w/Sinthija: Lasagne

A couple of days ago I made lasagne for myself and OMFG it was soo delicious!! So you probably will know, I’m going to share the recipe with you guys. 191 more words


DENSITY TOWER - 9 layers liquid tower, easy kids science experiment! - YouTube

We build 9 layers liquid DENSITY TOWER. It is easy fun science experiment for kids to do at home.

From the South Pole to the science section: How ice becomes knowledge

(Source: arstechnica.com)

It’s -30 degrees Celsius, even though the Sun hangs ceaselessly in the sky. Dressed in puffy, insulated suits and gloves thick enough to both hinder dexterity and preserve fingers, a team gamely tilts a drill barrel back to horizontal. 890 more words