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Messing around with video for the March pop-up show - reflection

The video was an experiment. I had to work with the constraints of a 30 second piece of video.

I am interested in layers, in covering up, stripping back. 430 more words


Layers keep this girl trekking in a cold spring

Just two weekends ago, I was in a blizzard and ice storm, driving south from Charlevoix to Chelsea. While visiting mom, I trekked through lakeshore snow and admired the snow boulders in Lake Michigan. 313 more words

Disintegration Layers - A Processing Experiment (II)

Generally I’ve moved ever closer towards finding cameras I can set up to create photographs I love without needing any extra post processing.

But last year… 424 more words



By Rufas Chege

Layer Poultry Farming is a commercial egg production business, where poultry birds are raised for eggs.

Layer birds are special breeds of hens, they lay eggs till the age of 72 to 78 weeks. 166 more words


Poultry Farming.

By Rufas Chege

Poultry farming in Kenya is mostly practiced small-scale, and predominantly for domestic consumption.

Poultry farming is the raising of domesticated birds such as ducks ,turkeys, chickens, and geese, for the purposes of farming meat or eggs for food. 95 more words