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who? what? how?

why? why? why?

these days I seem to ask this question a lot. why?

too many rules and boundaries and barriers and lies! 174 more words

Textural Geometric Abstract

This experiment in design features heavy textural elements with an emphasis on geometric arrangement and colorful accents. I’ve added it to my galleries at Redbubble… 27 more words


Oblate Spheroid

The point of today’s experiment was to play with glazing, or thin layers of transparent watercolors on top of the watercolors that had already dried. The colors become modified by the layers of paint through which the light must travel to get to the viewers’ eyes.   40 more words

Personal Stories

Paper to the Power of 5

In order to experiment with different paper type and a variety of substrates and how they take ink I took to the screen printing room. Using five different paper types I would be printing one same image on each piece to compare the different ways in which they would take the ink. 562 more words

Collagen Booster Treatment

Our Collagen Booster Treatment penetrates all layers of the skin in order to stimulate collagen which leaves all skin types looking tighter, firmer and smoother. 30 more words


Ready for winter

Stocking up hunkering down

Layering it on

Haiku Poetry