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Adobe Working To Bring Photoshop Layers To The Ipad?

Adobe Systems, with a Photoshop-like demo on an iPad is beginning to show more of the fruits of its tablet-computing labor.
It’s no secret Adobe Systems is working on graphics programs for tablets – indeed, John Nack, the leader of Adobe’s tablet work, has been soliciting…

Labels and layers

“Identify yourself.” “40, Caucasian, female, work in a bank”

What does this say about me? Not much, these are labels (or facts, as one could call them) – the kind of information a dad would like to know about his daughter’s fiance. 399 more words


Be whole, human

I am.

I soar in light, pure, transcendent, divine.

I ground in elements forming, decaying, reforming.

I earth.

On earth, atoms can exist as air, water, mud, or other elements; stone, crystal or other mineral forms; plants, grass, trees or other plant forms;  a myriad of animal forms; or as human beings, evolving from homo sapiens to homo luminous. 201 more words


Layer Up

OBV if you find a sign that says “Make Yourself a Butterfly,” you make yourself a butterfly.

And when you find a birds nest, you pretend to be a bird. 356 more words


Wk6-Activity-Identity Art



Me doing my scope. (Not the best picture)

For this weeks activity in class I had to create a Periscope account and create a few live broadcasts. 880 more words


“She’s going to suffocate. She’s going to die.”

“She does this every day. She’ll be fine.”

“It’s boiling out. I’m sweating half to death in a… 72 more words


#Layered and Philosophical - The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man by Dimitris Politis

The Blurb reads,

“The Stolen Life of a Cheerful Man explores the contentious yet universal themes of intolerance and understanding, discrimination and acceptance, violence and forgiveness. 771 more words

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