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Baby Chicks are here!

We’ve received freshly hatched baby chicks.

11 little layers: Buff Orpingtons and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

I hope the oxytocin transfers from this computer to you. 79 more words


Haircuts for Hens

Much to my surprise, Helga didn’t peck my finger off as I gave her a spring “haircut.” And by haircut, I mean that her flight feathers needed to be clipped. 67 more words

Farm Fancy

What Kind of Chicken is That?

A week after hatching I still have fourteen healthy chicks in the brooder. You can see in the picture that they are beginning to get their feathers. 273 more words


Waiting in Line

The truth is that no one likes waiting in line. Even chickens.

This morning, I heard loud squawking coming from the henhouse and decided to investigate.   29 more words

Farm Fancy

New Chicks - the Jury is Still Out

We have been debating on and off about getting chicks this year. There are so many reasons to do and just as many reasons to sit out a year.   451 more words


March 15, 2016

It has been a quiet few weeks, but with the beginning of sap season marks the beginning of CSA and Farmstand preparation.

With the discovery of more Maple trees to tap, Luke had to build a bigger pan to boil in. 100 more words


Signs of Spring

This week there was the hint of spring in the air here in southwestern Montana.  We opened the gate on our chicken run and let the hens have a little free range time.   150 more words