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A Little Hen Science

Feeding my hens is expensive and sometimes I wonder how much it matters whether I gather the large heap of alfalfa and other greens that they eat every day during the growing season. 348 more words

Urban Homesteading

Why Everyone Should Have Backyard Chickens

With Easter here, I thought it fitting to talk about the true supplier of eggs. Bunnies get all the credit this time of year, but we all know we have chickens to thank for the ever so versatile egg. 1,154 more words


How can chickens lay Easter eggs?

How can chickens can lay Easter eggs?  My daughter recently went to collect the chickens’ eggs only to find that some of the eggs were a bit Easterish.   42 more words


How to Win Friends and Influence Chickens.

How sad the world would be if everyone thought and acted as I do. But it’s fun trying to get them to do it for a few minutes. 980 more words

Personal Experience

Golden Orb Spider

We love Golden Orb Spiders.

We’ve moved this girl on a few times, as she built her webs right where we walked. Then finally she settled in the chooks (hens) night area. 48 more words


Do Chickens Quit Laying in the Winter?

As the days grow colder and the sunlight grows shorter, many homesteaders may notice a significant drop in egg production during the winter. Some may notice that they have no eggs to collect one day! 436 more words


Everything I Know About Laying Hens & Egg Production

Hens, especially young hens (commonly called “pullets”) will lay eggs. Just how many eggs and how often depends on a number of factors. In addition to age, the breed, environment, diet, health, and time of year all affect a hen’s egg laying potential. 2,399 more words