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Dawn Snow Chicken

On the way to the greenhouse in the morning, to let the hens out of the coop, I was surprised to find one lone, chilly chicken outside already. 145 more words


Winter is coming

So, I was sitting here on my day off, catching up on all the Game of Thrones that I’ve missed (I’ve read all the books, so really I just watch for Kit Harington), and thinking I have so much to do. 123 more words


Hammerin' on a Hen House

The mild temperatures in Indiana this weekend provided the perfect time to tackle a fun project of repurposing in my garage. I decided to embark on half of a project that has been brewing in my mind since our return to our house earlier this year. 330 more words

Don't Go Dissin' My Hen...

Pretend you’re Elton John when you read that and you’ll get a feel for how I feel about my hen.

I won’t go dissin’ your hen… 610 more words

Little Farm

Why Even Bother? [AWEN archive]

by Alina Lilova

first published on: 18 January 2012


From today’s point of view, I can see that I have talked about the relevance of animal welfare science to ordinary people, to lawmakers and to farmers, but nowhere have I really mentioned the most important question: does animal welfare science help… 1,324 more words

How Well Do You Know Your Flock?

If someone asks you how well do you know your flock, I would bet almost everyone of you would respond with, “Oh, inside and out!” or something to that effect.  1,531 more words


First Eggs Ever

Our girls have finally started laying eggs. I took these photos on the first day we found an egg so that I could remember how big they were at the time. 26 more words