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Hangin’ with my peeps today

Parable of the Hen's Egg

Weekly Sabbath Survey

Parable of the Hen’s Egg —  1-28-2017

Hens Acre Farm has around 30 laying hens and 2 roosters. They’re a blessing. Not just for the eggs but because the Lord teaches me things through them. 927 more words


This is what we feed our chicks and young chickens. They also get some wheat fodder and weeds from the garden until they are big enough to go outside full time.


Stubborn Hens

Many people affectionately call their laying hens “the girls”. You may think that’s odd, but these little walking egg machines have a mind of their own and their own personality. 787 more words

Life On The Farm

Yolks Don't Lie

The Happy Pig got its first public compliments today! On Facebook, a customer posted the photo below, a side by side comparison of one of our eggs and a premium organic one from the grocery store, with the text “isn’t difficult to see the richness and variety of diet the Happy Pig’s hens have”. 50 more words


When the Hens Aren't Laying...

There has been a lot of excitement around the hen house lately! Our newest batch of girls have started laying. I believe I mentioned our bad habit of naming chickens in a post on… 189 more words

Farm Life

Monthly Homestead Update

Rain, rain and more rain.  That pretty much sums up the rest of July and early August.  It has been a rainy, rainy summer.  So rainy, in fact, that my garden is molding.   551 more words

Backyard Chickens