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Chicken vs. Vegetable ;)

Raising your own animals (kindly) for meat is absolutely, hands-down the best way to do it, if you are going to eat meat. But I dare say it is… 382 more words

Laying Hens

Murder! Murder!

Last night we discovered the unfortunate demise of one of Kolapore Gardens’ chickens. A large fox had been spotted recently hanging around the new location of our trailer. 131 more words

Kolapore Gardens

Nesting Boxes and The Heat

Mister finally finished our nesting boxes earlier this week. The girls don’t really seem to be using them very much. I do keep finding one egg, a day, in one of the boxes. 111 more words

Starter Egg

SOMEbody’s a late bloomer.

One of the “new” red hens, just coming online.  The Silkies lay bigger eggs (but not by much).


Bill Maher is not an egg farmer.

It’s true.

I know this may be hard to fathom for some folks, but Bill Maher – the comedian – is really not even close to being an egg farmer. 844 more words


Black Australorp Chickens

The chickens have really grown since I last did a post! They’re 11 weeks old now. :)

I’ve finally figured out which ones are roosters, but I haven’t gotten names for them yet. 38 more words


Laying Hens

June 25, 2015

“Who wants to spend their life in a small cage, laying eggs?” … “not I”, said the Lil Red Hen

“Who wants to live in a crowded barn with 49,999 other hens?” …”Not I”, said the Lil Red Hen… 187 more words

June 2015